BBB22: Anitta gives up on Rodrigo and chooses another suitor

As soon as the “BBB22” started, Rodrigo Mussi was one of the participants who soon caught the public’s attention because of his beauty. anita, was even one of the famous who showed interest in the boy. However, before the season even completes a week, Rodrigo has already begun to disappoint the public, including anita – who already has his eye on another brother.


(Photo: TV Globo)

Rodrigo Mussi has disappointed the public ofBBB22” since he started using some pejorative terms, like “prankster“, on the grounds that he is still learning. The boy even came to call Lina to talk about it even after several participants said the term was problematic.

anita, then, already felt that the boy may not be worth much. “This crush is downhill huh? Why did I rush?“, wrote the singer in her twitter, which was then “consoled” by fans. After all, no one could guess, right?

However, we know that anita is not the type to waste time and soon decided to invest in another participant, Paulo Andre, which is also drawing sighs from the audience. “Hi, Paulo, what are you doing when you leave this house?“, asked the artist.

please note that Paulo Andre is full of suitors. In addition to anita, has Maria, which is confined with him in the “BBB22“, and Sarah Andrade, of “BBB21“, who has already said that she is “in love” with the athlete. You can already tell that the brother is in great demand, right?

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