BBB22: Jade Picon reveals that production prohibited the look chosen for the final, and explains why; watch

Release, Boninho! Jade Picon barely entered ‘BBB22’ and has already shown that as an influencer, she has everything – the very expensive looks, the memes and the charisma too! However, even influencing 15.6 million people, the sister could not make the head of the reality production. Jeez!

This Friday afternoon (21), while getting ready for the live program, Jade, who was the last to enter the house, revealed that she had everything ready and planned for the program for a long time. However, not all of the young woman’s millionaire and fashionista looks received the stamp of approval during production inspection. In a conversation with her colleagues in confinement, she revealed that the look she would wear if she reached the final of the competition was barred. Like this?!

“You do not know! My final look was broken”, she said in an amused tone. “They said it was too bright, too noisy, and then I thought, ‘What now? Well, fuck it. If I’m in the final, I’ll wear a bikini anyway,'” fired Picon. “What matters is that I’m there. But you know a scare? This can go, this cannot go and then I: ‘No!!’, she shouted.

Maria and Brunna confessed that they also received a ‘no’ from the production. The dancer said she took a jump, even though she knew it would be forbidden. “It was a thin jump, because of the grass, right?”, questioned Jade and the sister confirmed. The rapper, in turn, said that the TV Globo team also prevented her from bringing some personal items, but she was lucky they didn’t do it with one of her shoes. “Look at the jump I asked not to bar. I begged, I said, ‘Please release,'” declared the actress.

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The revelation aroused the curiosity of netizens, who began to ask for images of the clothing in question and to speculate on the value of the clothing. Check out the best reactions:

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Gosh, Boninho! Let us see the lookinho, there are people crying! Hahaha

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