BBB22: Pedro Scooby and Vyni give Luciano an accurate sermon after comments about fame: “It has to be a consequence”; watch

Jeez! That’s what I call friendly advice… In the early hours of Saturday (22), Pedro Scooby gave Luciano an accurate sermon, after his brother said again that he would like to be famous. The surfer was inspired by giving a speech about how becoming known should be a consequence of hard work, not a goal.

The chat started when Scooby recalled a video of Vinicius, another BBB22 participant, which was shared on social media by comedian Tirullipa, before the Ceará native was chosen for the reality show. “Do you know why Tirullipa reposted his video? Because he has talent, because he earned it. Because he’s not looking for fame. He wants to seek to do good things, special things…“, observed the athlete, in the circle that also had Douglas Silva, Paulo André and Vyni.

That’s when Luciano asked: “Do you think it’s okay for me to want fame?“. After a short pause, the surfer snapped: “If I could give you some friendly advice, if you were a brother of mine, I would say: ‘Brother, forget it’. Fame wasn’t meant to be coveted, fame was meant to be a consequence“.

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When you get out of here, see you’ve reached a cool place, grab your stuff and bring the most f**king people and ask: ‘Where am I wrong here? Where can I improve?’. Take courses, make a lot of content. Do you know what will happen? You will be famous. Because, if you choose to become famous, in a few months there will be another BBB and 20 more guys will show up wanting this place“, continued Pedro, while the confinement colleague listened to everything.

The surfer also noted that Luciano could be looking to learn from the other brothers, such as Douglas, who was the first Brazilian actor to be nominated for an International Emmy for his role in the series “Cidade dos Homens”. “Instead of you thinking, ‘I want to be famous’, you could be talking to them“, he advised.

I’m afraid of being boring“, revealed the Santa Catarina. “Annoying? There’s nothing to do in here! Being realistic, from the bottom of my heart, it’s boring to hear: ‘ah, I want to be famous’“, replied Scooby. Jeez!

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The moment between the boys still yielded a certain and very wise speech from Vyni. The Ceará native also advised Luciano about his brother’s goals. “What you crave is recognition, because it is recognition that is going to be the basis of what you call fame. Fame without recognition is the same thing as a house without a foundation, in the first wind it falls“, said the influencer.

The young man also gave his view on the meritocratic thinking that many people adopt in our society. “I don’t believe in this idea, which is often sold, that to win in life, you just have to try. Effort is important, for sure. If you don’t try, you won’t get anywhere. But there are two things that are also very important: luck and opportunity.“, he reflected.

We all need to make an effort, go through an exhausting selection process, to be here. You needed luck because out of 120,000 entries, you’re in here, not someone else who signed up… Everyone here is being seen, don’t let your mind reduce this to simply a concept of fame“Vyn continued.

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During the few days of confinement of the edition, Luciano has said on several occasions that he aims to conquer fame and money. “I want to be rich like the car of millions, apartment of millions by the beach. I want to be famous Beyoncé level. I want to not be able to sit in the restaurant to have a snack, with people asking for a photo“, fired the boy, in conversation with Douglas.

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