Casal do Jacarezinho, Cidade Integrada area, accuses PMs of breaking into apartment and stealing rent money | Rio de Janeiro

In the early afternoon, there was a peaceful protest complaining of abuse, followed by a motorcyclist. Other residents also reported raids and exchange of fire on Friday night (21) — hours after Governor Cláudio Castro (PL) was in Jacarezinho.

Residents staged a protest through the streets of Jacarezinho — Photo: Suelen Bastos/g1

the cheese seller Jailson Carlos He said he was with his wife on the beach, working, when he received information from neighbors that the police had invaded his house.

“They broke my daughter’s bed, her bicycle. I worked for it,” he said. According to the street vendor, the rent expires on Monday (24).

Jailson stated that he could still see two police officers leaving the building.

“They were all covered up. They come to kill and destroy.”

Even with the house turned over, Jailson returned to Copacabana. “Come on, love. Let’s work. Let’s make more money for them to steal again,” said Jailson.

Jailson shows a can used to sell cheese: according to the street vendor, a similar one was taken by police officers — Photo: Suelen Bastos/g1

‘Manipulation of part of the population’, says Castro

On Twitter, Governor Cláudio Castro made a post in which he accused bandits of manipulating “part of the population”:

“We are on the third day of stabilization in Jacarezinho. In view of the damage that such an action brings to drug trafficking, a reaction from the criminals was expected, with the manipulation of part of the population. The good residents want and support the entry of the State, with services and security. To them I say: let’s move forward. @PMERJ and @PCERJ will continue to work to identify, locate and arrest criminals who insist on defying the State. I spoke just now with the president, who also made himself available to support the project as necessary,” Castro wrote.

The Secretary of Military Police, Luiz Henrique Marinho Pires, said the corporation is investigating the allegations.

“Since Wednesday’s operation, a Military Judiciary Police station was ready to receive any type of complaint,” he said.

“Yesterday [sexta] there was a small exchange of fire. It will still happen. The community is in the process of stabilization. Complaints are being investigated, all will be investigated. Lieutenant Colonel Pricilla is inviting residents to a meeting on Wednesday [26] with the Corregidor of the Military Police”, he amended.

Also this Saturday, Castro presented details of Cidade Integrada. “We determined a post for the Ombudsman and Internal Affairs of the Military Police here, permanent, seven days a week. It’s the PM demonstrating that it wants to get these bad policemen out”, declared the governor.

Castro stated that he will not expand the program until it is fully implemented in Jacarezinho and Muzema.

“As long as the program is not properly implemented, here there is not even a deadline for the next ones”, stated Castro. “You only have to think about the next ones when they are fully functioning.”

Jailson Carlos comforts his wife after the house was broken into — Photo: Suelen Bastos/g1

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