Cíntia Dicker exposes the whole situation with Luana Piovani and Pedro Scooby

BBB 2022
Cíntia Dicker opened the game when talking about the situation involving Luana Piovani and Pedro Scooby (Images: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Cynthia Dicker did not hesitate to talk about the relationship with Luana Piovani after the entry of Pedro Scooby at the BBB 2022. Responsible for sharing custody of the surfer’s children with the actress while he is in confinement, the model explained to Quem:

Find out everything that goes on at the BBB 2022 house in the coverage of RD1

As it always was, it’s alright [com ela e Luana]. People were desperate to know Piovani’s opinion about the ‘BBB’ (laughter). Even more so after she talked about her children“, said.

Cíntia also commented that she had a conversation with Pedro about taking care of Dom, 9, and the twins Bem and Liz, 6, all fruits of his relationship with Piovani.

My dialogue was with Pedro, because that was his main concern to get into the program: his children. I said that it would be a pleasure for me to stay with them and he was reassured.“, he said.

Surfer surprises sister with advice at BBB 2022

In the confinement of BBB 2022, Pedro Scooby gave Maria a real get there. Outraged by the sister’s attitude of putting herself down at all times, the surfer decided to lecture her.

In a frank conversation in the kitchen of the most watched house in Brazil, Luana Piovani’s ex-husband advised her reality TV colleague to stop diminishing herself.

Dude, let me tell you one stop. Let me tell you something that I think you need to work on in your mind. You like to get down. For that, bro“, shot.

You are f#da, you know! Begin to understand this, man. You are f#da, you sing to [email protected]#. You are not a normal person!“, he added.

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