Eliezer evaluates BBB 22 sister’s behavior: ‘Plays innocent’ | real time

The conversation between Slovenia and Eliezer continues on the lawn of the BBB 22 house. The designer talks about Natália to his sister: “Natália, I think Natalia… maybe I use the wrong word, but she kind of plays dumb. Like, she plays innocent.” He then narrates a situation with the Queridometer, when the sister gave a “bomb” to Bárbara and did not tell when the gaúcha asked. “Who gave the bomb, who gave the bomb? ‘Ah…'”, he says, imitating his sister.

Slovenia says she “was overwhelmed” and recalls a situation she lived with her sister on the first day of confinement: “There was a situation where she came to talk to me, the bedroom thing, that she felt I didn’t want her to go to the bedroom … we resolved, it was wonderful. Since that day, I continued to admire her as a strong woman, but I began to observe that she is a little bit like Luciano”.

Afterwards, the brother talks about the ‘bomb’ that Natália gave to Bárbara in Queridómetro. According to him, the Minas Gerais woman justified that she gave the emoji to the gaúcha in a good way, because she did well in the American Immunity Test, but Eliezer questions: “Why was it only for Bárbara? Why not for Laís, if yours were together? I thought it was kind of Sonsian”.

Eliezer evaluates BBB 22 sister’s behavior: ‘Plays innocent’ — Photo: Globo

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