Fortaleza records 82 deaths from Covid-19 in January, after 3rd wave caused by Ômicron

With the arrival of the Ômicron variant, which currently represents 94% of positive tests for Covid-19 in Ceará, there was a record of an increase in deaths caused by the disease. In this third wave of Covid-19, Fortaleza has already recorded 82 deaths in January, with 36 of these only between the 14th and 20th, according to the Municipal Health Department (SMS).

In a weekly report, the agency details that daily deaths have once again average growth, showing an increase in one death a day in December 2021, for more than four in january of 2022.

This change in the epidemiological scenario is also reflected in the average mobile of deaths, which currently stands at 5.1, while, in December, the capital of Ceará reached only 0.3. This indicates that the current mortality pattern no longer reflects stability that had been reached in the Capital with the end of the second wave.

“The scenario was discreetly altered by the dominance of the new ômicron variant that has relevant vaccine leakage, although it seems to be less ‘aggressive’ from the point of view of the clinical course”, points out the SMS.


In addition, Capital also had a growth in positive cases of tests analyzed by public network laboratories. Between the 14th and 20th of January of this year, the proportion of samples positivity (RT-PCR) of residents of Fortaleza was 56.1%.

The agency explains that the data were updated by IntegraSUS at 11:20 am last Thursday (20), while the mortality analysis was carried out based on the laboratory confirmation of new deaths updated at 11:35 am this Friday (21) by SMS.

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At the state level, there was an increase in free testing centers, totaling 12 locations available. Each day, around 300 tests are carried out at each center, with an average of 5,000 tests per day, a mark that has not been reached since July 2021.


The beginning of the third wave of Covid-19 in Fortaleza had beginning in December last year, with the arrival of the new variant omicron. During the first two weeks of this month, there was an increase in daily new cases that it wasn’t gradual.

“Unlike the previous waves, the increase was “explosive” as has been reported in several regions where the variant is established”, points out the SMS. Because of this scenario, the agency reinforces that the disease incidence will continue to be “strictly monitored”.

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