Free energy market closed 2021 with record consumer entry, says sector – 01/21/2022 – Panel SA

The free energy market, which allows consumers to choose who supplies them with energy, closed 2021 with a record 5,563 new consumption points, reaching 26,600 active units, according to the CCEE (Chamber of Electric Energy Trading).

According to the entity, the segment, which currently represents about 35% of all electrical energy consumed in the SIN (National Interconnected System), accelerated growth from 2015.

The largest volume of migration in recent years was concentrated in the states of São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Minas, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná, due to the concentration of industries.

Under the current rule, only large consumers, with demand above 500 kW, which corresponds to a monthly bill of R$ 140 thousand, can participate in the free energy market. Those who have demand up to 1,000 kW can access renewable energy and, above that, can trade with any source.

The sector has put pressure on the government to reduce the entry limit. Last year, CCCEE sent the Ministry of Mines and Energy and Aneel (National Electric Energy Agency) a new proposal for a regulatory change to expand access to the free market.

with Andressa Motter and Ana Paula Branco

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