How to get expensive items for free from the Demi Wings reload event on Free Fire?

In this article, we will discuss how to get expensive items for free from Demi Wings reload event in Garena Free Fire. Follow the details given here carefully and get the expensive item.

Garena Free Fire is the most loved battle royale game in the world. The game offers cosmetic and exclusive rewards for players. Like characters, pets, weapon skins, custom packs and elite passes etc. Players continue to want to buy all these items. Because, using these items in the field affects a lot.

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To purchase these rewards, players need to use the in-game premium currency, Diamonds. However, Free Fire Diamonds are not available for free. To complete diamonds, players need to spend real money out of their own pockets. The developers added a Demi Wings reload event to the game. Awesome items for players included in this event, follow the details provided here to get them.

#1 – Loot Box with Flaming Flap

Developers have included Burning Flap Loo Box in Garena Free Fire. Players can recharge 100 diamonds to obtain this item. The item will unlock after recharging.

#2 – Demi Wings

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The Demi Wings item in Garena Free Fire looks very original and attractive. You can recharge 300 Diamonds to get this item. Here are the details to get these two cosmetic items for free:

#1 – Open “Garena Free Fire” on your gaming device.

#2 – Before the lobby screen opens, click on the “Demi Wings” banner.

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#3 – After that, players will see the items “Burning Flap Loot Box” and “Demi Wings”.

#4 – Click the “Top-Up” button on the right side. The in-game recharge center will open. Select the recharge of your choice and unlock the item.

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