Integrated City: Castro says no other community will be occupied until the program is 100% in Jacarezinho and Muzema | Rio de Janeiro

Governor Cláudio Castro at a press conference at Palácio Guanabara — Photo: Henrique Coelho/g1

According to Castro, no other communities will be occupied while the program is not fully implemented in Jacarezinho and Muzema.

“As long as the program is not properly implemented, here there is not even a deadline for the next ones”, stated Castro. “You only have to think about the next ones when they are fully functioning.”

There are studies for the occupation of Pavão-Pavãozinho and Cantagalo, in Ipanema and Copacabana, in Cesarão, in Santa Cruz, in Rio das Pedras and in Maré.

On December 23, Cláudio Castro signed, in the Official Gazette, an implementation term for the Renda Melhor Jovem program, which provides for action in communities served by the program:

“Muzema, Tijuquinha, Morro do Banco, Pavãozinho, Cantagalo, and Rio das Pedras”. The last three are planned for the second and third phases of Cidade Integrada.

Investment of BRL 500 million

This Friday (21), Castro told TV Globo that Cidade Integrada will have an initial investment of R$ 500 million. The governor stated that the values ​​are already included in the budget forecast of the secretariats and that will only be reassigned.

Also according to Castro, the program will not require other extra resources.

“A lot of things here are already part of the government’s day-to-day activities. You don’t have big extra costs, you have an important initial investment. Ninety percent of that is already foreseen in the budget”, he said.

The governor also cited a recommendation from Mayor Eduardo Paes (PSD), with whom he met this Friday. “We are not going to make the same mistake as other times of inventing things that the next government comes and closes”. After the tip, according to Castro, Cidade Integrada underwent “readjustments”.

‘Little to do with UPP’

For Castro, “the main thing about this program is not public safety”.

“This program has very little to do with the UPP. It is not a peacemaking program. After a lot of analysis, a lot of conversation, we realized that this idea of ​​pacification brings more harm to execution than benefits”, he said.

”This project is about reclaiming the territory and handing over that territory to whom it belongs, which is to the people of these communities. This territory does not belong to drug trafficking, militia or police,” he added.

Castro stated that Cidade Integrada will have six axes:

  1. Social;
  2. infrastructure;
  3. transparency;
  4. economic;
  5. dialogue/governance;
  6. safety.

The idea is to help the needy population of these communities and weaken economic activities concentrated in the hands of militiamen and traffickers.

  • Document regularization, as an identity, in collective efforts next week;
  • deliver vouchers for residents to buy gas cylinders only with legal suppliers;
  • Do the land regularization of real estate in Muzema, dominated by militia;
  • Open credit line of Agerio to stimulate the economy in Jacarezinho and attack loan sharking;
  • take off the paper the PAC 2, the Growth Acceleration Program, with the construction of a large park, with public facilities, such as a hospital and a PM battalion, on a plot of land in Maria da Graça – near Jacarezinho;
  • create community councils to debate the demands for action by the public power;
  • keep occupation in these areas with soldiers from the UPPs, who will be redistributed to the communities where the Integrated City program will take place.

Castro explained that Agerio agencies will undermine extortion practiced mainly by the militia.

“Many criminals use the fragility of the population for practices of social dominance through loan sharking. This money will have zero bureaucracy”, he promised.

The governor also said that the gas voucher has the same objective. “One of the main activities explored by the militia is the premium on gas cylinders. A BRL 80 plug costs up to BRL 120 in the favela”, he pointed out. “There is a study to expand the valley in progress”, he amended.

Attack on real estate exploitation

The program plans to deliver definitive property titles to properties in the West Zone.

“There is already a job that the city hall and the state government were doing. Let’s meet this week to form a task force and be able to go to the Judiciary. Therefore, this itinerant justice will be very important”, said the governor, about the project of action of the judiciary in Muzema, Tijuquinha and Morro do Banco.

“The success of the program will prevent these people from returning. The success of the program is the way the militia does not build again, does not hold people back. Research is the basis of the project. The Civil Police has investigations that do not end. The Public Ministry and Justice are already very much integrated into this, so that we can fulfill the warrants”, he detailed.

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