Jessilane makes a tense confession involving Rodrigo and brother contests rival

BBB 2022
Jessilane confesses that Rodrigo intimidates her at BBB 2022 and argues with her brother (Images: Reproduction – Globoplay / Montage – RD1)

Although it is more reserved in the more recent days of BBB 2022, Jessilane don’t stop being honest with your feelings. The participant confessed precisely to Rodrigo who is intimidated by him in confinement.

Find out everything that goes on at the BBB 2022 house in the coverage of RD1

After being questioned, Jessi tried to explain her point of view: “It’s not that you intimidate me… I’m not afraid of you. I feel more comfortable with Lucas than with you; and see that we have the same time of coexistence”.

Rodrigo sent the real to the sister: “You created a stereotype of me, without knowing me. It’s my posture, is it?”. The Bahian was hesitant with this hypothesis: “I do not know, maybe”.

Even so, the paulista insisted on knowing why he intimidated the competitor: “Why do I bully?”. Jessilane continued arguing: “The way you carry yourself, the way you look… I feel more comfortable with Lucas than with you”.

Natalia intruded on the ally’s conversation and declared: “You don’t intimidate me at all”. Vinicius took the opportunity to praise Lucas: “He gives off such a pure boy vibe, good”.

BBB 2022: Jessilane feels rejection from the participants and vents with confined

The member of Pipoca has been feeling rejected by some confined and went to vent about it. In the Grunge Room, the sister was talking to Lucas and remembered the first immunity test, which had Slovenia as a duo, and because she felt uncomfortable:

‘Make pairs’. I felt very much like this: ‘Nobody wants me’. There was Natália on one side and Laís on the other, who was a person I got along with, I feel very comfortable around her. Then, when he said ‘make pairs’, I looked at Natália and she did this for Vini [gesto]… I looked at Laís, she did this for Bárbara [gesto]. I looked at you, you were already together. Then I looked at Eslô…”.

A short time later, Jessi hinted that she did not think of the woman from Ceará as her partner: “Eslô, as much as we talk, play… I think I’m closer to other people than to her”.

And she also mentioned the fact that she was not remembered in the first BBB game, led by Tadeu Schmidt: “There’s already been the thing about not having received any plaque”.

Lucas questioned who her friend would vote for. Jessilane hesitated in answering: “Yesterday, I had. Today, it took a swing. It’s still my first choice, but I’m not 100% convinced. I’ll wait for the Leader’s Trial”.

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