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Marília Mendonça’s brother, João Gustavo used social media to apologize to Naiara Azevedo and her team. That’s because he had criticized the singer’s decision about release a song she had recorded with Marília – what died in November 2021.

After the family reached an agreement with Naiara’s adviser and approved the disclosure of the two’s partnership, João apologized and assumed that it was “very hard”.

“Naiara Azevedo’s team came to us and understood our position against the release of a recording made after Marília’s death. A totally different video from what Marília had done in life, with an appealing tone of sadness and suffering”, began João .

“My sister always brought joy and happiness wherever she went, this is the image we want to defend. We were never against the release of the video made in life by Marília with Naiara, that was her will and it will be respected”, he added, before apologize.

“I apologize for the untimely way in which I acted, criticizing the artist Naiara in a harsh way… When my mother found out about the video they wanted to release, she was very sad and seeing her like that made me lose my mind and act in a impulsively. Today, with a cool head, I recognize that I was harsh with my words and for not being committed to the mistake, I apologize to Naiara and all her team. It’s the last time I talk about it”, he concluded.

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