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Striker Neymar bought two pieces of gear from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) collection, one of the most popular and valuable NFTs (non-fungible token) on the market, valued at around R$6.2 million. Announced by the player on his social networks, this would not be the first time that the athlete discloses investing in this universe.

According to data from the largest NFTs marketplace in the world, the OpenSea platform, the PSG star invested more than 1.1 million dollars (almost 6 million reais) in both purchases.

For BAYC #6633, art in which Neymar changed his profile picture by NFT, the athlete paid 159.99 ETH, equivalent to 517 thousand dollars, or R$ 2.7 million. As for the second acquisition, BAYC #5269, posted on social media, it was 189.69 ETH, or about US$613,000, equivalent to R$3.29 million.

Investment in digital works were not the only moves by Neymar. The platform also shows that the star bought a personalized address for his wallet, using the Ethereum Name Service, which allows network users to exchange their address for a personalized term. The wallet was named “EneJay”, in reference to the initials of his name.



In November of last year, Neymar had already announced on his social networks that he would enter the NFT universe. In partnership with NFTSTAR, the Brazilian star will have his own NFT collection.

Famous in the NFT world

BAYC’s NFTs have certainly become a celebrity draw. In addition to Neymar, several other celebrities have tokens from this collection, such as rapper Eminem, presenter Jimmy Fallon, NBA player Stephen Curry, among other celebrities.

Despite its success, BAYC is not the only one attracting celebrities. Former NBA athlete Shaquille O’Neal bought two items from the Creature World series for $20,000. Rapper Snoop Dogg is one of the biggest investors in NFTs in the world, with a portfolio of almost 20 million dollars, acting under the pseudonym “Cozomo de’ Medici”.

The rapper even owns nine CryptoPunks, an experimental project of non-fungible tokens and crypto art launched in June 2017 on Ethereum by studio Larva Labs, one of them, punk #3831, the 14th most expensive NFT of the quarter, purchased for over 2 million dollars.

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