Ômicron in RJ: moving average of cases exceeds 23 thousand per day, queue for beds goes to 200 and 1.2 thousand are hospitalized with Covid | Rio de Janeiro

The state of Rio registered this Saturday (22) new 30 thousand cases known from Covid. For the first time in the pandemic, the moving average of cases exceeded 20 thousand (23,336).

With 25 new deaths, the moving average was at 14/day, which represents an increase of 58% compared to two weeks ago. It’s the highest growth since April last year.

Hospitalization data are also worrying. The queue for beds had, until Friday (21), 203 patients: 63 waiting for the ICU and 140 for the ward.

More of 1.2 thousand people were hospitalized, The highest number since the peak of the wave of cases caused by the delta variant, at the end of August.

Queue for hospitalizations in RJ is already past the peak of delta cases — Photo: Reproduction

In the capital, 98% occupancy

The occupancy rate of Covid beds in SUS hospitals in the city of Rio was, until Saturday afternoon, at 98%, according to data from the Covid Census, to which TV Globo had access.

Hospitals that were a reference in the fight against the pandemic continue with closed beds. This is the case of Hospital Clementino Fraga Filho, which has 60 ICU beds stopped for lack of health professionals.

88% of those hospitalized without a complete vaccination schedule

The municipal secretary of health, Daniel Soranz, pointed out in an interview with RJ1 that most patients who have Covid in hospitals are hospitalized for other diseases and have also tested positive for the coronavirus. Of these, 88% do not have the complete vaccination schedule.

Curve of cases shows the explosion of the omicron — Photo: Reproduction/Prefeitura do Rio

The city also said that it can open more beds in the network and that it is charging the federal government to open beds in federal hospitals.

The state superintendence of the Ministry of Health said that the Bonsucesso Hospital will open beds with the hiring of professionals in the first semester and that, today, there are 216 hospitalizations for Covid in the network.

The direction of Hospital Federal Clementino Fraga Filho said that the hospital is working with 110 less because of the end of the partnership with Fiocruz, and that the unit needs to hire professionals to reopen the beds, but that there is no forecast for that.

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