Sony Says Continuing PS4 Production Isn’t Related to a Lack of PS5 Units

The company denies reports from Bloomberg and says it never considered ending production of the old hardware

In an interview with Japanese website NLab, Sony denied rumors that it decided to expand PlayStation 4 manufacturing as a way to make up for limited PlayStation 5 units that arrive at stores. According to the company, it has always been its plan to maintain production of its old console during the year 2022.

Earlier, Bloomberg had announced that the company had plans to close the production line of the console launched in 2013, but changed its mind due to the COVID-19 pandemic. According to information obtained by the vehicle, the PlayStation 4 would be kept in store as an alternative to an accessible platform for the more casual audience.

It is not true that the PS4 production suspension was lifted due to the lack of PS5. There were no plans to end PS4 production at the end of last year (2021),” Sony Interactive Entertainment stated in response to NLabs. The company also reiterated its strategy of keep older and newer hardware available while transitioning between generations lasts.

Sony does not comment on the end of production of the PS4

While it’s clear that Sony will eventually discontinue production of the PlayStation 4, so far the company has declined to comment on when that might happen. In addition to the old hardware, the company continues to work to bring more PlayStation 5 units to stores, but the global chip shortage crisis has proved to be an obstacle to their plans.

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The Japanese company’s policy contrasts with that of rival Microsoft, which recently revealed to have ended production of the Xbox One line of consoles for good. Focused on promoting the Series S and Series X models, the company will continue to offer its previous platform while stocks already produced last.

This week, Sony reported a $20 billion decline in its stock after Microsoft announced its purchase of Activision Blizzard. While the future of the studio’s intellectual property remains unclear, representatives from both companies have communicated their intention to continue offering Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms in the near future.


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Source: NLab

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