Technical note from MS places chloroquine as effective and vaccine as ineffective – 01/22/2022

The technical note published by the Ministry of Health to bar guidelines that contraindicate the use of the so-called “covid kit” classifies hydroxychloroquine as effective for the treatment against covid-19 and states that the vaccines do not demonstrate the same effectiveness, contradicting a series of studies and health guidelines around the world.

The note is only signed by the secretary of Science, Technology, Innovation and Strategic Inputs in Health of the folder, Hélio Angotti Neto. The document bars the guidelines that contraindicate the “covid kit” in the outpatient and hospital treatment of the disease and two other norms, keeping the country without an official recommendation on how to treat covid patients with almost two years of pandemic.

In the note, the secretary presented a table placing hydroxychloroquine, a drug with proven ineffectiveness against the new coronavirus, as opposed to vaccines, which have already been shown to be efficient in reducing serious cases and deaths from the disease in Brazil and in other countries.

One of the columns asks if there is a demonstration of effectiveness in controlled and randomized studies for covid-19. The answer is “yes” for hydroxychloroquine and “no” for vaccines. The table contrasts the two methods by stating that the drug has demonstrated safety in experimental and observational studies against covid and that the vaccine does not have the same response.

In addition, chloroquine would have a low cost without recommendation from medical societies and without industry funding, while vaccines would represent a high cost with industry funding and expert recommendation. The use of the table caused criticism on social media. The leader of the opposition in the Senate, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), announced that he will trigger the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to bar the incentive to the drug in opposition to vaccination.

The note cites “thirteen randomized controlled trials with effect directions favorable to hydroxychloroquine, with an average effect of 26% relative risk reduction in hospitalizations, highly promising for discretionary use and further studies.”

For the lack of effectiveness of vaccines, the reference cited is “eighteen unfinished trials, of which eight are still in the recruitment phase, nine have not yet completed the follow-up and one completed, but still in an insufficient phase for safety assessment, but recommended for ‘fighting the pandemic'”.

Hydroxychloroquine and other drugs were even tested against covid-19, but effectiveness was not observed soon after the first phases of studies. Still in the first year of the new coronavirus pandemic, a Brazilian study coordinated by the main private hospitals in the country pointed out the ineffectiveness of the drug. The same conclusion was observed by the WHO (World Health Organization). THE Estadão Verifies has already shown that several studies have failed to prove that the drug would have any effect in the treatment of the disease.


Questioning the effectiveness of vaccines goes against the policies of the Ministry of Health itself. This Saturday, the 22nd, the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, participated in an action promoted by the ministry to encourage vaccination and testing of the population in the States of the Northern Region with Angotti Neto, responsible for the technical note, and other secretaries of the ministry.

In the action, Queiroga was in Manaus and the secretary went to Porto Velho. The minister asked people to get vaccinated and said that “there is no more efficient way to get rid of this pandemic than vaccinating our population”. On the other hand, he again criticized the vaccination passport and the requirement for immunization.

Alongside the secretary responsible for the technical note, the mayor of Porto Velho, Hildon Chaves (PSDB), criticized initiatives against vaccination of the population at a time when there is an advance of the Ômicron variant.

“Movements like this, Secretary, represent the victory of science, of rationality, over obscurantism”, Chaves spoke after receiving the microphone from Angotti Neto during the event. “Help us raise awareness of those who deny the validity, the importance of science and vaccination,” said the mayor, addressing the people present at the mobilization.

During the event, Queiroga cited a study sponsored by Angotti Neto’s secretariat and published in the journal lancet proving the effectiveness of vaccines.

The survey, according to the minister, showed that people vaccinated with Coronavac had a “very low” level of antibodies after six months of the second dose and that Pfizer recorded high levels of antibodies “by more than 150 times” after the vaccination schedule. . “The ministry has monitored not only the efficiency of vaccines, but also their effectiveness,” said the minister.

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