Zero car becomes a luxury item and the market only has 4 under R$ 70 thousand

End of the popular distances the dream of the zero car for most Brazilian consumers. Cheapest model in the Brazilian market, Renault Kwid is already close to R$ 60 thousand

Born in the 1990s, popular cars are extinct in Brazil. In the current market, the zero car is increasingly distant for a considerable portion of Brazilian consumers. Today (22/1/22), there are only four cars on the market with prices below R$70,000 and the “cheapest” of them is sold at R$59,890. And the way that prices are climbing that seems to have no limits, it will not be surprising if in a few more months, the initial value of the zero car touches R$ 70 thousand.

Often, the zero car buyer, in addition to personal satisfaction, chose not to have to worry about performing necessary maintenance on a used or new model. Even more if it is financing, the consumer wants to have one less worry.

Today, with a three-year warranty, expenses are restricted to items with natural wear and tear and annual values ​​for revisions, often with pre-fixed values. It is a more rational purchase and there is not so much passion involved, the car is considered just a means of transport and nothing more.

Six years ago, a popular car (entrance) cost R$31,900 and the Minimum Wage in force in 2016 was R$880.00. On a simple account, without considering discounts, it would take 36 months of salary to buy the model. With the Minimum Wage of BRL 1,210.00 in 2022, using the same previous analogy, it would take 50 months of salary.

It is clear that in 2016 and 2022, the worker who received (e) Minimum Wage did not buy a zero car and will not currently buy it. The analogy is just to exemplify how far away the dream of having a new car in the garage is getting.

THE Renault Kwid Zen is currently the cheapest car in Brazil, the suggested value is R$ 59,890. In theory, it is a popular car, including in its conception, but in practice, it has long since lost its status.

In fact, both the Kwid and the Fiat Mobi serve consumers from other segments who, with the loss of purchasing power, have regressed to entry-level cars to continue buying the zero kilometer.

The zero car has become a luxury item and this is worrying. It’s not just the end of the car without air and steering, it’s the end of access for the consumer who will have to settle for a used car, which is also quite expensive.

Only four cars under R$70,000

In Brazil in 2022 there are no cars under R$50,000, in fact, there is only one model under R$60,000. The list is restricted to three manufacturers and four cars.

Launched this week, the Kwid Zen is the cheapest car in Brazil with a suggested price of R$ 59,890. The list of standard items includes air conditioning, power steering, electric front windows, radio, four airbags, ABS brakes, hill start assistant, stability and traction controls, among other items.

The second most affordable model on the market is the Fiat furniture Like with a ticket of BRL 60,990. Among its standard equipment are air conditioning, power steering, electric front windows, electric locks, dual airbags, ABS brakes, radio pre-disposition, among other items.

The third option on the list is the oldest and not the least expensive. Launched in 2008, the VW Gol 1.0 has a suggested price of R$ 69,790. The main series items of the most affordable model of the German brand are ABS brakes, dual airbags, air conditioning, power steering, front electric windows, electric locks, preparation for the sound system (wiring), among other equipment.

The fourth model appeared in the list of models below R$ 70 thousand, for only R$ 10. The Fiat Argo 1.0 is quoted at a suggested value of R$ 69,990. The list of standard items includes air conditioning, electric steering, electric front windows, electric locks, ABS brakes, dual airbags, steering wheel with height adjustment, among other items.

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