Carnival parades in SP and RJ will be on April 22nd and 23rd – News

After decision of city ​​halls to postpone the parades on account of the worsening of Covid-19 pandemic, Liga-SP (Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba de São Paulo) and Liesa (Liga Independente das Escolas de Samba do Rio de Janeiro) announced the new party calendar, scheduled from April 16 to 30 this year. The special group’s parade in both cities will be on the 22nd and 23rd of the month.

With the arrival of Ômicron, a new variant of the coronavirus, and the influenza epidemic, the two capitals saw the number of cases and hospitalizations for respiratory syndrome explode in recent weeks.

The street carnival, announced by the mayors in the second half of 2021, ended up being canceled at the beginning of January this year. The city halls, however, kept the samba school parades, under the justification that the parties would allow the fulfillment of sanitary protocols.

This Friday (21), city halls also decided to cancel the samba school parade. In a joint note, the municipal administrations claimed that the decision came “in respect of the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil and the need, at this time, to preserve lives and join forces to boost vaccination throughout the national territory”.

Rio de Janeiro

20th and 21st (Wednesday and Thursday) – Access Group parade (Gold Series);

22 and 23 (Friday and Saturday) – Special Group parade;

24 (Sunday) – Children’s Schools parade;

26 (Tuesday) – Calculation day

30 (Saturday) – Parade of Champions.

Parades in Sao Paulo

April 16, Saturday – ACCESS GROUP II

8pm – Marquise’s Earring

20:50 – Shirt 12

21:40 – Uirapuru da Mooca

22:30 – First City Leader

23:20 – United of Santa Barbara

0:10 am – Youth crowd

1h – Nenê de Vila Matilde

1h50 – United of Peruche

2h40 – Emperor of Ipiranga

3:30 am – Friendship East Zone

4h20 – Albertine Tradition

5:10 am – Don Bosco of Itaquera

april 21, Thursday – ACCESS GROUP

8pm – Morro da Casa Verde

9pm – Green and White Shirt

22:00 – Mocidade Unida da Mooca

11pm – Independent Tricolor

00h – Star of the Third Millennium

1h – X-9 Paulistana

2am – Leandro de Itaquera

3am – Black Pearl

April 22nd, Friday – SPECIAL GROUP

11:15 pm – Tucuruvi Academics

00:20 – Colorado do Brás

01:25 am – Green Spot

02:30h – Tone Major

03h35 – United of Vila Maria

04:40 – Acadêmicos do Tatuapé

5:45 am – Real Dragons

April 23, Saturday – SPECIAL GROUP

22:30 – Go-Go

23:35 – Gaviões da Fiel

0:40 am – Joyful Youth

1h45 – Golden Eagle

2h50 – Baroque Zona Sul

3:55 am – Golden Roses

5h00 – Empire of Casa Verde

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