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Fantástico shows never-before-seen footage of the singer’s latest performances and her relationship with Garrincha, the subject of a documentary that GloboPlay is preparing. “Elza and Mane” shows, in four episodes, the story of one of the most famous couples of the sixties.

The ‘voice of the millennium’ has made it a point, in recent years, to prepare his farewell with tireless professionalism. Director Eryk Rocha recorded Elza Soares in the studio, in December, preparing a new album, with no release date yet.

Album name: “In the Time of Intolerance”.

Theatro Municipal de São Paulo also became a frame for the great popular artist, where sixteen new songs by Elza were recorded. The beautiful space was the setting for the intimate presentation of Elza Soares and only a piano.

The moment immortalized and recorded in 360 degrees.

“The way she wanted it, she just, yes, was the greatest of all and Brazil will never have an Elza Soares again. There will never again be a woman who, at 91, after 70 years of career, with so much beating, is a black woman, Coming from a favela community, who suffered so much sexist who suffered so much, and who didn’t have a word of pain to give someone her word was just love” tells Pedro Loureiro, manager of Elza Soares.

The artist’s never-before-seen scenes are part of a documentary, currently being edited, scheduled for the second half of the year. After the cinemas, it will be shown by GloboPlay and GloboNews.

“She did what she wanted with a lot of determination and with a lot of love. She went to the end of her singing career and it was beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful”, says Maria Eduarda Soares, Elza’s great-granddaughter.

See the full report in the video above.

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