Scooby asks if he can vote for himself on the wall

When casting his vote live in the confessional of “BBB 22” (TV Globo), Pedro Scooby starred in a curious scene. The surfer said that he never watched the reality show and got involved when choosing who to indicate to the wall.

Scooby said he has no reason to vote for anyone, but chose Jessilane, adding that she is an “amazing person” and has a “beautiful story”.

Wow, this game is crazy. I didn’t know it was like that, I’ve never seen it before. Wow, it even made me nervous now, having to live this. I can’t vote for myself, no, right? Pedro Scooby

Then, Tadeu Schmidt guided his brother to vote for a second participant.

“Damn, drool. Who are the people I can vote for?”, asked Pedro.

“You cannot vote for Douglas, Rodrigo, Bárbara, Laís, Arthur, Naiara and Luciano”, said the presenter.

“Man, I can’t in Natalia?”, asked the brother.

“At Natalia you can,” Schmidt continued.

“Gee, she played the game with me, she’s so cute. It can’t be her. Damn, drooled”, hesitated Scooby. “I’m tense here. Trying to understand who I could vote for,” he said.

Finally, Peter voted for Eliezer. The surfer ended up having his votes revealed to the whole house in the dynamic of the “snitch”.

Scooby received votes from Rodrigo, Laís, Eliezer, Jessilane, Lucas and Natália, and ended up tying with Natália Deodato and Jade Picon as the most voted in the house. The leader Douglas Silva was responsible for the tiebreaker and saved Scooby, putting Jade and Natália on the wall. The two, alongside Luciano, went to the back and forth test.

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