TudoAzul offers up to 12 points per real spent at Casas Bahia

THE All blue is offering up 12 points per dollar spent at Bahia houses. The offer – valid until Thursday (27) – is exclusive for purchases of products sold and delivered by Casas Bahia and payments made with credit card or bank slip.

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  • 12 points per real spent: customers with an active TudoAzul Club;
  • 8 points per real spent: other TudoAzul customers.


Offer Eligible Products: Items sold and delivered by Casas Bahia.
Payment method: credit card or bank slip.

Marketplace products (which are not sold and delivered by Casas Bahia) accumulate 1 point per real. Points will be credited within 15 (fifteen) business days after receipt of the product(s). They will be valid for 24 months from the credit date. Qualifying points for tier upgrades will be counted at the standard ratio (15:1) over the partnership’s standard parity only, therefore, bonus points will not be considered for tier qualification counts.

How to participate

  1. Access Casas Bahia through TudoAzul;
  2. Click on “Buy Now”
  3. Choose the desired product;
  4. After completing the order, click on the TudoAzul logo in the “Accumulate benefits in your purchase” field and then click on “Accumulate Points”.

purchase example

When selecting a product, you can see, in the upper right corner, the amount of points you will receive, in the proportion of 8 points per real for all TudoAzul customers.

Still, we advise you to take pictures or record your computer screen during the purchase process. That way, if a problem occurs, you can appeal and guarantee the correct credit of your points. We have a complete tutorial teaching you how to do this.


It’s a good offer, considering that 12 points per real spent is equivalent to an offer of 6 points per real in a TudoAzul partner banking program with transfer of accumulated points with 100% bonus. It is even more attractive than the last one we published, when 10 points were offered per real, but with no difference between Clube TudoAzul subscribers and other customers.

Thinking of taking advantage? Access Casas Bahia through TudoAzul.

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