Against the world, Bolsonaro is studying building nuclear plants

That the government of Jair Bolsonaro likes to go against logic of things obvious and follows each day more isolated for their positions that subvert common sense, everyone already knows. But the opening of Ten Year Energy Expansion Plan for public consultation this Monday (24) surprised everyone with an idea that goes against the world there are at least one of each: the resumption of the atomic program and the construction of new nuclear power plants.

The intention is to raise the levels of energy generated by this model from 8 to 10 gigawatts the next three decades, currently produced in the Cove 1 and 2, while that of number 3 goes on forever under construction.

“The country is also privileged in the supply of this fuel, with large uranium reserves, strategic territorial environments for the allocation of plants, as well as complete mastery of all the technology of the nuclear fuel cycle, from mining to the assembly of the fuel element”, says an excerpt from the document.

Elsewhere, the justification is the development of scientific research in the sector, although it seems contradictory to the deep cuts promoted in the areas of Education and Science and Technology by the current government.

“It is also worth mentioning the technical staff of people with successful experience in the operation and maintenance of Angra 1 and 2 plants, as well as teaching and research centers in the nuclear area”, signs the text.

Nuclear power falls out of favor

Since the earthquake followed by the tsunami of sendai, in 2011, in Japan, which damaged the Fukushima nuclear power plant, causing a human and environmental disaster of colossal dimensions, contained with much efficiency (and some luck) by the Japanese authorities and scientists, the nuclear programs are being reduced, replaced or abandoned around the world. There, it became clear huge risks it’s the destructive potential of this technology, considered strategic around the world after WWII.

Japan itself abandoned its nuclear program and waits for the plants to age and be gradually deactivated safely in the coming decades, to start the construction of a new energy matrix For the country. Germany follows on the same path. Shortly after the Fukushima tragedy, he warned that his atomic power stations, in the near future, will be a thing of the past, as well as France, which at a slower pace deactivated your oldest power plant.

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