Eternals: Actress reveals details of deleted scene of Harry Styles and opens the game about backstage – check it out!

Marvel fans – and Harry Styles fans – had a big surprise at the end of “Eternals”, with the appearance of the character Eros, played by the star. But that was just the beginning… In an unpublished interview released today (24), actress Lia McHugh gave details of another scene with Styles that ended up out of the feature.

Lia piqued the public’s curiosity in late November 2021 when she shared a photo on film sets alongside Harry and Richard Madden. However, at no point in the film does the actress appear alongside Styles, which made many suspect that there was something to it. Now, in a chat with Inverse magazine, she mentioned: “Actually, I didn’t have a scene with him. [A cena dele] It’s a deleted scene.”.

Harry Styles, Richard Madden and Lia McHugh on the set of “Eternals”. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

According to McHugh, the scene with Harry would be basically the same as the beginning of “Eternals”. “It was a parallel to the first scene of ours where we arrived on Earth. It was an alternate ending that didn’t work out. We filmed this one on the same day [da nossa cena], because it was virtually the same. It was the same footage. They were just switching characters.”, detailed the young woman. “So I was filming the first scene, he was filming the last scene that ended up being cut”, he added.

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Despite not sharing screens with Styles, Lia admitted that the atmosphere backstage was very friendly. “We were in the studio, all of us together. Every time we were on break, we would talk. He was really nice. Some actors hide in their tents and want to be alone, which is fine. You’re working, I understand that. But he was like, ‘How are you all? Let’s enter my tent.’ He didn’t want to be alone.”, described the actress. Fine, huh?

Harry Styles as Eros in “Eternals”. (Photo: Playback/Twitter)

In late December 2021, in an interview with Empire Magazine, Chloé Zhao explained why this sequel was cut. “It was way more depressing. Depressing. I didn’t hate [o final], because I’m used to movies that are more melancholy. But I don’t think it would reflect well with our audience.”, pointed out the director of the film. Because of this melancholy of the original ending, the filmmaker decided to change the first appearance of Harry’s character.

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“Long story short, with that depressing ending, at some point he (Harry) would be one of the Eternals on that ship. And it didn’t work out very well. But I was wanting to bring Eros into the MCU. So I kept mentioning this to Kevin [Feige] every opportunity I had in the halls, because I love the idea of ​​Eros being another Eternal, another Ajak (Salma Hayek)”, revealed Zhao. If so, Eros is likely to be in Eternals 2, and will help Thena (Angelina Jolie), Makkari (Lauren Ridloff) and Druig (Barry Keoghan) find their missing family members. Are you coming?

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