family backs off and authorizes music with Naiara Azevedo

After all the controversy which gained the social networks during the last week, the Marília Mendonça’s family released The launch from music ‘50 per cent‘ – recorded by Naiara Azevedo, participant of the ‘BBB 22’, in partnership with the eternal ‘Queen of Sofrência’.

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As soon as Naiara entered ‘Big Brother Brasil’, the information that she was programming launch the music during the reality show for promote yourself spread and did not please Dona Ruth and João Gustavo, the mother and brother of Marília, who died in November 2021 in a plane crash.

João Gustavo, who is also a country singer, reached call Naiara in opportunistic for wanting use sister image and declared that he would do anything to take it off as soon as possible from the house of ‘BBB‘.

However, this Friday (21), the story changed. Marília’s brother went public to say that the launch in ‘50 per cent had been released.

According Robson Cunha, attorney gives family, what was displeased was Naiara Azevedo havingchanged the videophonogram original without consulting them first.

The original song was recorded in september in 2020 and, now, with the release, it must be launched while the sertaneja is in the lockdown global.

That, of course, if Naiara Azevedo is not eliminated at next Tuesday (25): she was nominated by ‘Leader’ of the week, Douglas Silva, and is in the ‘Paredão’ against ‘Pipocas’ Luciano and Natália.

See an image from the day of the recording of ’50 Percent’:

Photo: Disclosure

After death ofQueen of Sorrow‘, Naiara recorded a new version (in December 2021) in which she appears watching the image of Marília Mendonça on the screen and crying.

The family didn’t like it did not authorize the release of that new version, seen as sensationalist for them. The big question is that goes against the grain of what the family members themselves had claimed as a reason previously: that Marília herself did not want to link the image to that of Naiara, for personal reasons.

There was oneappealing tone and different of what intend to pass on to the fans gives marilia, which is an image of a fighting woman, strong and that even in the face of adversity, he sought the positive way of things”, said the lawyer in an interview with columnist Leo Dias, from the newspaper ‘Metrópoles’.

“She defends and supports the tributes to Marília, but do not turn this into appealing sensational situations, added Robson Cunha. What Dona Ruth does not want is to see the image of Marília Mendonça associated with the Suffering, a sadness or to any feeling of pain.

According to Leo Dias, the Naiara’s team understood and agreed with the considerations of Marília’s family and agrees to respect and release the original recording, instead of the new version.

Marília Mendonça’s brother apologizes

Marília Mendonça’s brother spoke, also last Friday (21), through social networks.

“As reported, the Naiara Azevedo’s team came to us and he understood our contrary position to the launch of a recording made after Marília’s death. A totally different video from what Marília had done in life and that had a appealing tone of sadness and Suffering“, started the sertanejo.

My sister always took joy and happiness wherever I went, this is the image we want to defend. We were never against the release of the video made in life by Marília with Naiara, that was her will and will be respected”, complete.

“The Naiara Azevedo team has committed not to use the video recorded after Marília’s death. and will use The video recorded in life by Marília to the music promotion 50%“, explained João Gustavo.

He took the opportunity to apologize for the targeted attacks The Naiara Azevedo at the beginning of last week, after her entry into ‘Big Brother Brasil’.

I apologize for the untimely way I acted., criticizing in a harsh way the artist naiara. When my mother found out about the video they wanted to release, she was very sad to see it like that. made me lose my mind and I I acted impulsively. Today, with a cool head, I recognize that I was hard on words and for not being committed to the error, I apologize to Naiara and your entire team.” concluded Marília Mendonça’s brother.


Post-mortem partnerships

It’s no secret to anyone that the several partnerships launched per different artists with Marília Mendonça have always been very successful.

The duo George Henrique and Rodrigo, for example, released ‘Go Home Today‘, recorded with Marília, few days before death of the singer. The song took first place on the platforms.

After the accident that took Marília to her death at the age of 26, some partnerships with her have already been launched, such as: ‘calculating‘, with Dom Vittor and Gustavo (a duo that Marília’s brother is part of) and ‘Badly done‘, with Hugo and Guilherme.

According to the family’s lawyer, Dona Ruth will not stop the launch of no work recorded by Marília in her lifetime. However, all interested parties must look for the family for the necessary releases, as it is solely up to Dona Ruth any and all matters about Marília Mendonça.

There are other releases recorded in partnership with Marília Mendonça to be released, with Lucas Lucco, ludmilla, Guilherme & Santiago and Zezé Di Camargo.

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Bil, Marília Mendonça’s former security guard, comments on his relationship with Naiara Azevedo

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