Fuels rise for the second week in a row across the country

Average price of gasoline rose 0.84% ​​between January 16 and 22, while diesel rose 2.9%

Luis Lima Jr;/Fotoarena/Estadão ContentMaximum value found in a bomb was R$ 7.99

THE National Agency of Oil, Gas and Biofuels (ANP) reported that the average price of Gasoline rose 0.84% ​​between January 16 and 22 at gas stations across the country. According to the agency, the average value of a liter went from R$ 6,608 to R$ 6,664. The maximum value found in a pump was 7.99%. Diesel, on the other hand, had an increase of 2.9% (from 5.422 to R$ 5.582). On the 11th, the Petrobras announced an increase in the sale price for distributors.

High fuel prices are a concern of the federal government in an election year. The federal government’s new strategy is to Fuels PEC, which, if approved, will allow a reduction in federal taxes. Palácio do Planalto believes that the exemption from PIS and Cofins on gasoline, diesel and ethanol will bring relief to consumers. With the text still under construction, the PEC should temporarily release the government from following the fiscal responsibility law, in addition to creating a fund, from dividends paid by Petrobras, capable of balancing the account at the time of high.

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