Government expects 37% growth in power generation capacity by 2031

Government expects 37% growth in power generation capacity by 2031

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The government designed that Electric power generation capacity will increase by 37% by 2031 and will pass from current 200 gigawatts (GW) to 275 GW. The growth considers renewable sources, such as wind and solar, will gain space in the energy matrix of the country, while water will represent less than 50%.

The data are present from Ten Year Energy Expansion Plan (PDE) 2031, prepared by the Energy research company (EPE). The document was put up for public consultation on Monday (24).

One of the highlights is distributed power generation. In this model, small plants for their own generation, usually solar, are built in homes, condominiums and land. Currently, this matrix generates 8 GW and should reach 37 GW by 2031. If the result is confirmed, distributed generation will represent 14% of the total capacity.

The hydroelectric plants, which were affected by the worst drought in history last year, should register a drop from the current 58% of installed capacity to 45%.

The government also estimated a 12 GW growth in energy supply from thermal plants. These plants are powered by natural gas, coal, fuel oil, diesel and industrial gas. The expectation is that this group of plants will add 35 GW in 2031.

The document also estimated growth in electricity transmission. The expectation is that the network of lines will increase by 19%, reaching a total length of 209 thousand kilometers.

As we have shown, with the thermoelectric plants activated and the lack of transmission lines, Brazilians are consuming more expensive energy. Thereby, hydroelectric plants are producing less and part of the water stored in reservoirs is being wasted.

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