Ministry of Health predicts peak of Covid cases in February

Queiroga intends to distribute 80 million rapid antigen tests by March; folder fears pressure on the health system

Image Bank/PixabayHealth wants to expand testing against Covid-19

The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, said this Monday, 24th, that Brazil must prepare for an explosion of cases of Covid-19 in February. “What we are seeing in relation to other countries is that the peak of Ômicron happens in about 45 days of the beginning of the infections. We have to prepare for the next 30 days, when we will have the highest number of cases and, consequently, greater pressure on the health system”, said the minister in a conversation with journalists. Queiroga stated that the ministry intends to distribute 80 million rapid antigen tests by March and defended the release of self tests of Covid-19 for sale. “The objective is to complete it as quickly as possible so that the Brazilian population that wants to acquire tests in a pharmacy do so and that they are informed to the health systems. To expand testing capacity and have a better monitoring of the epidemiological scenario”, he added.

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