Now at BBB 22, Jade Picon received a LOUD shirt

the influencer Jade Picon is one of the participants of the Big Brother Brazil 22 (BBB). With more than 16 million followers on Instagram, Jade is a partnership of Piet and received the uniform of LOUD when it was produced by the brand.

LOUD fans revived the stories that the influencer published on Instagram. The video print shows when he received the organization’s shirt as a gift from the brand as Piet was the one who created the club’s collection.

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In the video, Jade thanked the founder and designer of Piet, Pedro Andrade, who is also the creative director of fashion at LOUD. Although the influencer and other famous brand partners have received the “treat”, the uniform has not been commercialized so far.

This Sunday (23), the influencer won the round-trip race and escaped from participating in the first wall of the BB edition. Jade’s victory was widely celebrated on social networks, LOUD itself, through its Twitter profile, showed the supporters for the participant. The organization’s fans even edited photos of the influencer with the team’s colors.

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