Outside the BBB 22, Luana Piovani is scare with votes in Scooby: ‘Inferno’ TV News

Luana Piovani was startled by the flurry of votes received by Pedro Scooby on the first wall of the BBB 22. After saying that she would not accompany the reality show, the actress made an exception this Monday (24) to comment on her ex-husband’s adventures in most guarded house in Brazil. She complained about the attack on her brother: “Hell”.

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“What is it? He [Scooby] was saved by the leader [Douglas Silva]. Oh, my God in heaven! Long live Douglas, long live! saved! That’s not news to wake me up at four o’clock in the morning, oh hell! First week, huh. What a scare!”, said Luana in Instagram Stories.

In the sequence of videos published on the social network, the actress also spoke about the reason why she woke up during the night: “Hey guys, four o’clock in the morning. It’s two hours of service.”

During the wall formation on Sunday (23), Scooby received seven votes and was tied with Jade Picon and Natália Deodato. As the leader of the week, Douglas Silva had to decide who would go to the wall and chose to send the sisters. Then, the digital influencer won the Prova Bate e Volta and escaped the popular vote.

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