Pajamas of R$ 800 and more: find out how much the looks worn by Jade Picon at BBB22 cost

Digital influencer Jade Picon has drawn attention by parading at BBB22 with her looks with values ​​well outside the national average, even at bedtime. On her first night at the house, she showed off a pair of pajamas by the Australian brand “My Mum Made It”. The combination of the “soft rib twist lounge pants” with the “soft rib twist top” blouse reaches an average of R$ 800.

Pajamas from “My Mum Made It” – Photo: Reproduction

The piece chosen by Jade Picon to debut in the reality show was a jumpsuit from “Poster Girl”, a British women’s clothing brand. On the company’s website, the look, which is called “Jetta Jumpsuit”, is valued at £175, equivalent to R$1,300. The crochet bikini with flowers worn by the sister, from the Brazilian brand “Feline”, costs R$397.

Crochet bikini from “Feline” – Photo: Reproduction

In her first live appearance on the show, Jade chose the “ivy mesh mock neck dress in chocolate” dress by Isalis, a US brand. The price of the dress on the company’s website is R$342.

Dress “ivy mesh mock neck dress in chocolate” – Photo: Reproduction

For the “BBB 22” publicity photos, Jade chose a top from the “Ginger” brand, created by actress Marina Ruy Barbosa. The piece costs R$ 1,197.

On social media, the influencer had some of her looks shared. Look:

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