Researchers present a hypothesis to explain the low lethality of the omicron

photo of scientists in laboratory.  There are microscopes and they wear protective clothing.
Omicron would have less resistance in the body’s defense mechanism. Photo: reproduction

A group of scientists from Germany and the UK have developed a hypothesis to try to explain why, in general, Ômicron causes less severe disease. The discovery was made through a letter to the magazine Cell Research, but the study has not yet gone through the peer review process.

According to the scientists, the Omicron variant is less effective than Delta in blocking a cellular defense mechanism against the virus, which is called the interferon response.

“Together, these data show that Omicron viruses are less effective than Delta viruses in antagonizing the interferon response in human cells, which may contribute to the lower pathogenicity of the Omicron variant seen in patients,” the researchers say.

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Omicron cases continue to grow in the country

The WHO has been saying in recent days that the Ômicron may represent the end of the pandemic. Despite generating an explosion of cases, the peak of the variant could end in a few weeks. Data from African countries that have already experienced the wave record a drop in the number of hospitalizations and deaths.

Yesterday, Brazil reached another record of cases, with 135,080 diagnosed, in addition to 296 deaths. The moving average of cases is currently at 149,085 cases, which accounts for more than BRL 24 million since the beginning of the pandemic.

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