12-year-old teenager dies of Covid-19 in Teresina; Piauí recorded another four deaths | Piauí

A 12-year-old teenager died of Covid-19 in Teresina, according to the Secretary of State for Health (Sesapi). This and four other deaths were disclosed in this Tuesday’s bulletin (25).

The other victims were an 86-year-old man from Teresina and three women from Barras (87 years old), Demerval Lobão (59 years old) and Landri Sales (75 years old).

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The state recorded 867 new known cases between Monday (24) and this Tuesday. In 24 hours, 556 women and 311 men, aged between 1 and 93 years, were diagnosed with the new coronavirus infection.

Confirmed cases in the state total 339,762 in all municipalities in Piauí. The deaths from the new coronavirus reach 7,356 cases and were recorded in 224 municipalities.

Of the existing beds in the Piauí health network for Covid-19 care, 370 are occupied, with 239 clinical beds, 116 ICUs and 15 stabilization beds.

Accumulated discharges add up to 24,709 until January 25, 2022. Sesapi estimates that 332,036 people are already recovered or are being followed up (cases recorded in the last 14 days) who did not require hospitalization or died.

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