9 options recommended by experts

The year 2022 already has the promise of high interest rates for February, as pointed out by the Central Bank report released in December. Therefore, investors can now outline plans, at least for the beginning of the year, in a more assertive way, emphasize the experts heard by the UOL.

In addition to fixed income, there is also the prospect that the year may yield good results on the Stock Exchange. Those who like risk, for example, can find good opportunities in buying stocks.

Discover investments identified as the most promising for 2022, according to analysts.

prefixed treasure

Fixed-rate investments are a good option, because the yield curve should still offer a growing return to this modality, according to Mauro Orefice, director of Investments at BS2 Asset.

“The curve [de juros] still has a reasonable premium, it’s lower than it was a month ago, but it’s still at a very interesting level”, he says.

“The market expects interest to go up to 11.75%. So you buy a three-year bond that is paying about 10.70% or 10.80%. If interest goes up by less than 11.75%, The [título de] 10.70% is even better in this window”, he says.

For Orefice, “prefixed in the range of two to three years seem to be a great investment”, because the trend is that, at the end of the term, interest rates should have returned to a level close to 7% – pointed out by the specialist as adequate for “do not cool down or overheat the economy”.

With interest at 7%, “applying at 10.70% makes a lot of sense”, according to him.

hedge funds

Fixed income should still benefit from the upward trajectory of interest rates, according to Nelson Muscari, fund coordinator at Guide Investimentos.

He advises starting the year “with more cash”, which means keeping the money in investments with lower price changes (volatility). As the performance of the investments, then yes to risk in assets with bigger returns and bigger volatility – “as stocks and hedges”, he says.

IPCA+ and Selic Treasury

The increase in the interest rate, already taken for granted for the first months of 2022, places investments indexed to the Selic, such as the Selic Treasury, as practically uncontested.

The interest rate is used as a measure to lower inflation. Therefore, the tendency is that, as investments linked to the Selic gain profitability, those linked to inflation begin to depreciate.

According to Luciana Ikedo, investment advisor and partner at RV4 Investimentos, the increase in interest rates should not have an immediate impact on inflation and the price index should continue to rise for a while.

Therefore, “it is good to keep an eye on investments that pay IPCA plus a coupon, such as NTN-B, for example”, he says. For her, these investments may be a good option, at least during the first half of 2022, when inflation is expected to persist.

CDBs and letters of credit

Thiago Godoy, head of Financial Education Xpeed, claims it is It is important that investors pay attention to the term and that they apply the money knowing how long they will be able to keep the investment, without the need to withdraw.

With practically guaranteed gains in fixed income with the Selic rate above 10% and inflation in the perspective of a fall, according to him, investors should pay attention to the investment term to choose the best option and avoid discounts — especially if they need to withdraw the money before the conclusion of the contract.

“If he wants to withdraw the title before, he can lose a lot of money. So it’s important to look at fixed income, bonds linked to inflation, but, above all, know that these investments need to be withdrawn on time”, he says.

“Fixed-income securities will become more attractive, not only the IPCA Treasury or the Selic Treasury, but also the CDB, LCI, LCA”, says Godoy.


For those who can take the risk, the Exchange also tends to be a good bet during 2022, in Orefice’s assessment. “When we look at price, cash generation and profit generation of companies [brasileiras] compared to other countries, Brazil seems to be cheap”.

“There’s a 15% or 20% discount on the Exchange’s pricing”, completes the director of BS2 Asset.

He believes that the stock market can remain cheap for several months, until there is a change in expectations. If investors have a long-term view and can take risks, “increasing exposure to the stock market seems like a good time”, he says.

“To believe that the stock exchange died after a sharp drop throughout 2021 is a mistake,” says Rodrigo Siviéri, a professor at the Trevisan Business School and an expert in the stock market and fixed income. For him, the drop is one-off and is directly related to the increase in interest rates, which attracts investors to fixed income.

But the opportunity to buy good companies at a low price is open and should be seized by those who have an appetite for risk and time to keep their money invested.

“We will hardly buy good companies at low prices when the interest rate is also low. Looking now at long-term investment, it is investing in stocks”, says Siviéri.

[O momento é de colocar] a larger share of investment in fixed income, but start allocating in equities, mainly cash-generating, non-cyclical consumer and dividend-paying companies.
Rodrigo sivieri, professor at Trevisan Escola de Negócios and specialist in stock market and fixed income


For Guilherme Neves, risk and compliance director at Banco BMG, investors have the opportunity, throughout 2022, to take advantage of the maintenance of the Central Bank’s high interest rate policy.

In addition to inflation-linked bonds and agribusiness (LCA) and infrastructure (LCI) bills, already mentioned, he also recommends debentures.

“These investments mentioned above will be interesting because of interest rates, which will be at attractive levels throughout 2022. The trend is for a gradual decline in the IPCA throughout the year, but with interesting opportunities”, he says. snows.

Dollar bonds

What can also hamper Brazilian investors in 2022 are: interest rate hikes in the US, which take money from emerging countries and put it in that country; and, above all, political instability. This is what Marcelo Guterman, Investment Specialist at Western Asset, emphasizes.

Therefore, the specialist recommends having part of the money invested outside Brazil. “As an alternative to diversification I always recommend having one foot abroad”.

The dollar is unlikely to offer large returns as it did in 2020 and 2021, but investing abroad can protect investors from the storms of election years, according to Guterman.

It is the opportunity to have a portion of the equity in investments abroad, not so much because of the exposure to the exchange rate, but because it has no correlation with the local market. You avoid the volatility factor, which is elections, and this helps portfolios to be less risky than when you are only exposed to local assets.
Marcelo Guterman, Investment Specialist at Western asset

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