Amazon Brazil: cumulative coupons allowed free shopping

A possible system error Amazon Brazil early in the morning of this Wednesday (26) made discount coupons guarantee products completely free of charge for Brazilian consumers. The high traffic ended up causing problems on the platform’s website, which presented instabilities.

According to Twitter reports, the Amazon website was offering generous discount coupons for newly created accounts on the platform. The offers were being applied on a cumulative basis, guaranteeing low prices and even free products, including books and games, according to reports.

While some customers took advantage of coupon bundling to increase their book collection, other users were able to grab more expensive products using the Amazon hole. Some reports point out that the “promotion” even allowed to get a Kindle for free.

However, with high user traffic, Amazon’s system began to fail, making it difficult to create accounts and complete purchases. The situation generated a spike in complaints on the site. DownDetector around 8 am.

Only for new accounts

Thanks to the “lightning offer”, Amazon ended up generating a lot of repercussion on social networks. The subject was among the most commented on Twitter, with more than one million publications involving the marketplace.

In addition to publicizing the collection of coupons that were giving the discounts, users of the social network began to fear the cancellation of orders. After all, as many people created new secondary accounts to take advantage of the discounts, fears arose that Amazon would end up canceling orders and taking offers off the air – which could cause problems for the company.

We contacted Amazon seeking clarification and awaiting a position from the company.

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