América loses to Caldense with controversial goals in the opening of the Campeonato Mineiro – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Wagner Sidney/Caldense/Disclosure
Wagner Sidney/Caldense/Disclosure

Douglas Skilo scored the 1st goal in Caldense’s victory over America, in Poços de Caldas

Using an alternative team, América debuted with a defeat in the 2022 season. With a controversial performance by the referee, Coelho felt the lack of team chemistry, did not play well and lost 2-1 to Caldense, this Tuesday, at the stadium Ronaldo Junqueira, in Poços de Caldas, for the first round of the Campeonato Mineiro.

As the first phase of the Campeonato Mineiro does not have a video referee (VAR), there was already controversy in the match that opened the competition. According to the arbitrage analyst at Itatiaia, Márcio Rezende de Freitas, Caldense’s two goals were irregular.

In the first goal of Veterana, in the initial stage, striker Douglas Skilo was in an offside position before the midfield launch. The player won in speed and hit goalkeeper Jori’s exit. In the second half, Neto Costa disputed the ball in the middle and dominated with his hand before playing for Igor Pimenta, who, in the race, overcame Iago Maidana, hired for this season and making his debut for Coelho, and finished in the corner.

In the last move of the game, at 49 minutes of the final stage, América managed to decrease the score with Carlos Alberto. But there was no more time to seek a tie.

The game

America’s main athletes stayed in Belo Horizonte continuing the pre-season. Not even coach Marquinhos Santos went to Poços de Caldas. Coelho was commanded by assistant Diogo Giacomini, from the club’s fixed technical commission.

In a first half dominated by Caldense, América suffered from a lack of chemistry, especially from the defense that hit heads in some moves. Coelho’s highlight in the initial stage was goalkeeper Jori, who made three great interventions and saved the capital team from going to halftime with a defeat with a longer score.

Caldense created the first chance to get ahead of América in a beautiful free kick by Íkaro. Coelho’s goalkeeper flew into the angle and avoided the goal. Shortly after, the American team came out playing wrong in defense, Íkaro got the ball, invaded the area and hit a cross, but Jori saved it with his foot.

Veterana’s pressure had an effect and the home team opened the scoring in the 35th minute. After a great launch by Íkaro from the midfield, Douglas Skilo took advantage of the indecision of América’s defenders, entered the area and hit the corner.

The Caldense forward was a little ahead, but as there is no video referee (VAR) in the first phase of Mineiro, the goal was validated.

At the end of the opening stage, Caldense almost made the second in a long bomb from Michael that Jori jumped to palm. In stoppage time, Coelho arrived with danger for the first time, but Rodriguinho stopped in the defense of goalkeeper Renan Rinaldi.

Second time

América increased the intensity in the second half in search of a tie. The game was fast-paced and opened up spaces for chances on both sides. However, both teams found it difficult to complete the plays.

Until, in an unpretentious kick from outside the area, Coelho almost equalized. The ball deflected midway and caught goalkeeper Renan Rinaldi on the counterfoot. But shirt 1 saved it with his leg.

At 36 minutes, another controversial goal from Caldense. In a ball dispute in midfield with Lucas Kal, striker Neto Costa dominated with his hand before playing for Igor Pimenta, who surpassed Iago Maidana in speed and finished in a cross in the corner.

Only in the last play of the game that America managed to score. At 49, Carlos Alberto made a great move on the right side and, even with almost no angle, hit with class between Renan Rinaldi and the goal.

América returns to the field next Sunday (30), at 7pm, to face Democrata-GV, at Independência, for the second round of the Campeonato Mineiro. Also on Sunday, at 4pm, Caldense visits URT, at Zama Maciel.

Caldense 2 x 1 America

Caldense: Renan Rinaldi; Yuri Ferraz, Jonathan, Lula and Michael; Guilherme Borges (Paulo Vitor), Íkaro (Igor Pimenta) and Alemão; João Diogo, Neto Costa and Douglas Skilo (Pedro Gabriel). Coach: Gian Rodrigues

America: Jori; Arthur, Iago Maidana, Gustavo Marques (Lucas Kal) and João Paulo; Flávio (Zé Ricardo), Juninho Valoura, Rodriguinho and Gustavinho (Adyson); Yan Sasse (Mateus Henrique) and Léo Passos (Carlos Alberto). Coach: Diogo Giacomini (assistant)

Reason: 1st round of the Mineiro Championship
Date: January 25, 2022, Tuesday at 9pm
Location: Ronaldo Junqueira Stadium, in Poços de Caldas (MG)

Goals: Douglas Skilo (35’/1st), Igor Pimenta (36’/2nd), Carlos Alberto (49’/2nd)

Yellow Card: Rodriguinho (America); Douglas Skilo, Michael, Igor Pimenta, Mateus Muller (Caldense)

Referee: Marco Aurelio Fazekas
Assistants: Frederico Soares Vilarinho and Rodney Faria Lima

Audience: 1,018 (payers) / 1,503 (gifts)
Income: BRL 16,560.00

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