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The list of five curiosities about a certain person is a fever on social networks. Last Tuesday, Corinthians debuted the season with a goalless draw with Ferroviária, inside the Neo Química Arena. A frustrating result in a night of good collective performance by Timão.

Just like in Paulistão’s debut in 2021, when it was 0-0 against Red Bull Bragantino, Timão took the first step in the competition without scoring goals.

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Below, however, are five highlights about the game:

Sylvinho starts the season with the same 4-1-4-1 as last year. The parts, however, underwent alterations. Fábio Santos and Gabriel, more defensive, gave way to Lucas Piton and Du Queiroz. Up front, without finding his man of reference, the coach started the season trying to Mantuan.

Corinthians started the game as a team that put the ball on the ground, looked for spaces, rotated the ball and exchanged first-time passes. With overtaking by Piton and Fagner and with Willian acting like a rocket on the right, Timão created some good chances, stopping at Saulo.

Renato Augusto, masterly in front of Du Queiroz, gave effective passes and finished a beautiful ball against Saulo. In the final stage, Timão returned the same, started well, but saw the pace drop. Sylvinho then used the bench.

One of the points that caught the attention of the fans, especially in the first stage, were the tackles in the attacking field. Positioned in the opposing territory, Corinthians players managed to take the ball from Ferroviária in goal kicks or game restarts.

Timão ended the game with 20 tackles, against nine for Ferroviária. Players like Willian and Giuliano managed to regain possession, quickly turning on their teammates on the counterattack.

The pressure sometimes gave Timão corners, but Sylvinho’s team has not been able to take advantage of this since last season. There were 12 balls taken into the area, but with little danger.

Willian and Renato Augusto in Corinthians game against Ferroviária — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Change in function of 9

It was the lightweight Gustavo Mantuan who acted as a reference, a role that is not his. In a ball crossed by Piton, he even headed against the goal, in a ball that went out to the left of the goal. Although he worked hard in the role, the boy seemed out of place.

The teammates didn’t help much either: they looked for the player to make a wall, as they do with Jô, but Mantuan doesn’t have the clumsy or physical structure to do so. His best shots were in balls tucked behind the defense, when he used his speed to get there.

Even so, it did little. In the second half, Gabriel Pereira took his place, which forced Róger Guedes to be number nine (not just in shirt). In the new position, he arrived from behind carrying the ball, but made a mistake in decision making.

Paulinho, the 15 which is almost 9

During the pre-season it was often heard that, without the signing of a nine, Corinthians would count on Paulinho’s goals. It felt like overkill. But maybe not. There were just over 30 minutes on the field in the second half and six submissions from Paulinho, three of them with a lot of danger.

The midfielder entered a tripod with Renato Augusto and Giuliano and, as he was more rested, he went ahead. He stepped into the area, ran away from the marking to receive balls and, when he had a chance from above, he took great danger. It was his first game at Neo Química Arena with the Corinthians shirt.

Paulinho Corinthians vs Ferroviária — Photo: Marcos Ribolli

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Well done Elano team

The goal did not come out by detail. There were 21 submissions by Corinthians against Ferrinha. Timão had 62% possession of the ball, with 721 passes exchanged, a good dominance, but it didn’t go away from 0 to 0.

Saulo made some good saves, but there was also merit from coach Elano, who set up a team that allowed the exchange of passes through the sides, but closed the door to infiltrations through the middle. Timão managed to circulate the ball a lot, but it was not so easy to penetrate the area.

Ferrinha reached 20 consecutive games without losing, adding to the 19 of the 2021 Series D. In this period, there were 15 games without conceding a goal. A style that ended up giving Timão work.

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