Bárbara and Rodrigo discuss and teams exchange barbs in the nets

While the brothers argued inside the house, the team of administrators of the social networks of Bárbara Heck and Rodrigo Mussi argued outside. Inside “BBB 22” (TV Globo), the brothers had a disagreement after Tadeu Schmidt’s speech, in which the presenter gave the cast a good scolding for not playing as they should and that the public outside is watching and is not enjoying what you’re seeing. Rodrigo interpreted this message as a ‘check’ on all his theories and ended up having a falling out with Bárbara in the Lollipop room.

Rodrigo and Natalia - Reproduction/Globoplay - Reproduction/Globoplay

BBB 22: Rodrigo Mussi calls Natália Deodato to talk

Image: Reproduction/Globoplay

Talking about the game, the sister said that it is necessary to have balance and Rodrigo promptly disagreed and that’s when the model shot that he shouldn’t have helped Natália and Maria make peace.

“Aren’t you going to find a balance? So why did you go to make Maria and Natália make up? We can argue, fight, we can be light too.” Slovenia took the moment to add: “We are here to unbalance and balance again.” Rodrigo says he doesn’t agree with Bárbara, and the sister replies: “Yeah, and I don’t agree with several things you say either. But I can’t tell you anything, because either you get paranoid or you think it’s me attacking you “. There, the circus was set!

Rodrigo shoots at his sister: “Do you think I’m paranoid? That’s all I hear. I’m paranoid, I play with my paranoia… Everyone: ‘Be light, Rodrigo”’. And Bárbara replies: “Do you want don’t tell you anything else?” “All the time saying I’m paranoid, ‘noiado'”, concludes the brother. Then he leaves the room.

The model then calls him to talk on the lawn.

“You won’t hear me call you paranoid again. I never said you were wrong. I say this so you don’t just think about the game, but about enjoying it all.”, he stated.

Bárbara and Rodrigo - Reproduction: Globoplay - Reproduction: Globoplay

BBB 22: Rodrigo and Barbara have DR on the lawn

Image: Reproduction: Globoplay

They arrived at a common denominator that the game really started and ‘made up’. Out here, the two’s team didn’t let go of the needling of the two inside the house and started a sequence of Tweets exposing the mistakes of each one.

It all started after Barbara’s team published the video in which the sister talks about the balance of the house. The commercial manager’s team ‘retweeted’ the tweet with another video, in which Rodrigo complains about being called paranoid all the time.

“…we are sure that if you were here on this side, you would feel uncomfortable with Barbara’s invasive behavior talking to Rodrigo, but Ro has a very beautiful way of talking and doesn’t give up on people easily”

Barbara’s team didn’t let it go and showed a video of the party, in which Rodrigo calls his sister to dance and she refuses, so he rebels and tells her to take the c*

“Hey, Adm, don’t do that. It’s looking like the game Rodrigo plays in there. Invasive is not asking for permission. Invasive is not knowing how to listen, not ordering to be taken in the c *. I don’t know if you saw everything at the last party, but okay? here’s a really invasive moment.”

After that answer, Rodrigo’s team did not comment further.

After Luciano’s elimination, who is the favorite participant of the ‘BBB 22’?


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