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The game has started in earnest! 🔥 And the dawn of this Wednesday, 01/26, in the house started with one less participant. There was crying, reflection on Tadeu Schmidt’s first speech and, of course, even more speculation about the game. There was brother reflecting that the presenter’s words served to “plant a little seed”, while the confined “sensitive” evaluated their bets in the house. In addition, there was DR, outburst and sister saying it will cause! ✨

Curious to know more? So paste the summary that #RedeBBB prepared and come find out everything that happened in the most watched house in Brazil at dawn!

Brothers talk outside the house — Photo: Globo

The game started for real, and Big Brother Brasil 22 had its first Elimination on the night of this Tuesday, 01/25. Luciano was eliminated of the week, with 49.31% of the votes.

Luciano is the first eliminated from BBB 22 — Photo: Globo

But, before announcing the elimination of the week, Tadeu Schmidt made his first speech:

“When I saw this Paredão, these walls… In fact, when I saw this BBB, in that first week, the question that came to my mind was: What do you want? I want to join Big Brother, that’s all I want . Really? Then come here and don’t commit. Come to the game and don’t want to play? Is it possible to like everything and everyone all the time?”, began the presenter.

You can already feel that it was enough to leave the brothers with a little flea behind their ear, right?

There was crying and a lot of post-Elimination gratitude

After Luciano’s elimination, the sisters who were in the hot seat with the brother were very grateful for staying in the most guarded house in Brazil. Natália received many hugs from the other confined and was also very grateful: “Thank you, Brazil”exclaimed the sister.

Naiara Azevedo knelt on the lawn and took the opportunity to thank her fans. A very emotional moment!

Naiara Azevedo and Natália get emotional after Luciano's Elimination

Naiara Azevedo and Natália get emotional after Luciano’s Elimination

Did you plant a seed? 🌱

Tadeu Schmidt’s first speech shook the house’s staff, and the brothers reflected a lot on the presenter’s words throughout the night. Jessilane gave her guess:

“Fame is a consequence. We fought so hard, dreamed so much to get in here…”.

On the lawn, Douglas Silva said he thought the speech was aimed at Luciano. But Pedro Scooby and Barbara disagreed. “It’s always a message for everyone”said the sister. “There’s a lot of water to roll… They wanted to plant that little seed.”concluded the surfer.

In addition, other brothers also racked their brains trying to unravel Tadeu’s speech. Look that:

only the sensitives on! 🔮

After Elimination, the brothers also commented on the game. Rodrigo told Natália that the sister “wasn’t so wrong” about Paredão, and Slovenia confessed to the brothers on the lawn that she thinks she might have problems with a sister in the future:

“It didn’t hit. It’s not possible anymore. And I think that if something happens related to me that I hear from her, I won’t be silent”, revealed the Marketing student and model.

The fire in the playground comes! 🔥

Slovenia tells brothers that she thinks she may have problems with a sister in the future – Photo: Globo

Barbara and Rodrigo had a disagreement during the night. The brothers were in the Lollipop Room, they disagreed during the chat, and Rodrigo was offended by the way the Public Relations and model spoke to him.

“I can’t tell you anything, because either you get paranoid or you think it’s me attacking you”, said the sister.

The commercial manager left the room, and after that, the two of them went to talk on the lawn. The sister said she felt her brother was distant, and that she was “defensive” with her. Let’s calm the heart, guys?

Bárbara and Rodrigo had a disagreement this morning — Photo: Globo

Bárbara has a disagreement with Rodrigo: 'I can't tell you anything'

Bárbara has a disagreement with Rodrigo: ‘I can’t tell you anything’

Did the brothers wake up to the game?

This morning there was also a lot of talk about Paredão. Or rather, how to avoid the hot seat. Natália said that, now, the business is “escaping from all the Walls and doing the best to win the race”. The sister also went to talk to Vinicius and said that she is afraid of needing her brother and he does not respond because of his allies.

Arthur Aguiar to brothers: 'We don't need to tell anyone our vote'

Arthur Aguiar to brothers: ‘We don’t need to tell anyone our vote’

Arthur Aguiar, on the other hand, made it clear that no one needs to tell anyone the vote. In the circle with the brothers on the lawn, he recalled: “Our vote is in the Confessional.”

Pedro Scooby also opened his eyes after Tadeu’s speech. The surfer said he’s not a contestant who’s going to cause beef, but he’s going to “do everything he can” to live the game.

Pedro Scooby on BBB 22: 'I'm going to do everything I can to live this here'

Pedro Scooby on BBB 22: ‘I’m going to do everything I can to live this here’

Naiara Azevedo came back from the hot seat and already sent word that it will cause, see?! The sister joked with Jessilane:

“Tell the audience I’m staying. He left to cause.”

After Elimination at BBB 22, Naiara warns: 'I came back to cause'

After Elimination at BBB 22, Naiara warns: ‘I came back to cause’

Is there bullshit around? 🕵️

During the night, the brothers also revealed their views on other participants. In a conversation with Rodrigo, Natália compared Slovenia with Juliette, and the brother said that he is “almost bumping into her” and that he “can’t stand her voice anymore”.

Little does he know that, on the other side of the house, the Marketing student and model was also talking about her stance in the game. “For me, he is boring”, confessed the sister.

Natália makes comparison between Juliette and Slovenia: 'The person is forcing'

Natália makes comparison between Juliette and Slovenia: ‘The person is forcing’

Slovenia talks about Pipoca's brother: 'I like him, but he's very boring'

Slovenia talks about Pipoca’s brother: ‘I like him, but he’s very boring’

And that was the first post-Elimination dawn. BBB 22! To find out more and keep up to date with the latest happenings in the most watched house in Brazil, just stay tuned to #RedeBBB!

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