BBB22: After the first wall, Jade Picon analyzes the game and points out why Luciano was eliminated; watch

Not-so-hard days for moms! Lol Jade Picon continues to surprise within the ‘BBB22’. On Tuesday night (25), after the first elimination of the edition, the sister chatted with Arthur Aguiar, Tiago Abravanel, Vinicius and Eliezer, and ended up doing a very sharp analysis of the game. Jeez!

The sister’s opinion came to light when the group began to discuss the departure of Luciano Estevan, chosen by the public as the first to leave the dispute for the prize of R$1.5 million. The dancer, who received 49.31% of the votes, disputed a chance to continue in the game with Naiara Azevedo and Natália Deodato.

But it wasn’t just the public’s decision that left the brunette thoughtful. Tadeu Schmidt’s ‘shake’ about the cast’s resistance to head into the game, also rented a triplex in Jade’s mind, who revealed her opinion about what would be happening outside the house. In the influencer’s view, reality fans are looking for more entertainment and, therefore, allowed the most “controversial” participants to remain.

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“Tadeu said: ‘What does Brazil want to see?’… Who adds the most to this house? Luciano or Naiara? In terms of content, entertainment. Sometimes Brazil doesn’t feel like it: ‘Oh, she wants to stay, she wants to leave’… They choose what they want to see. They want to see if she’s going to stay here okay or if she’s going to wake up badly.” rated Picon.

The analysis did not stop there. “On this wall, the thing that least presented a dynamic for the house was it [Luciano]. even she [Naiara] wanting to leave, (the audience thought): ‘Gee, let’s let her stay! Because I want to see her push the button, I want to see what happens’. That might have been the thought.” added Jade. Just spy:

Nothing goes unnoticed by the sister, huh?! You can now turn to Jadocks Holmes! Hahaha

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