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After the wall this Sunday (23), Naiara Azevedo tried to give up the game. The singer even made a speech, but the brothers made the girl change her mind. One of them, Tiago Abravanel proposed a “flop” to the Discordia Game. To the other participants, he suggested that the twenty-second edition of the BBB can be “respectful”, without fighting. “When there’s a discord game, if they still want to do it, we don’t cause discord. Simple!”, said the grandson of Silvio Santos.

In addition to Pedro Scooby, who expressed the desire to be friends with the 19 participants out here, Eliezer also joined Tiago’s unusual plan: “We can do a big brother of love. It’s the age of love! We are in an era where people need to learn to love others”, the brother shot to Maria, who was also threatening to leave the program.

“Why do we have to show Brazil [brigas]? Why does this game have to be hell to be interesting? Can’t we live justly and legally, respecting each other? Then that’s it!” said Tiago Abravanel to the brothers. No fights, no stories, BBB is a total flop! With the actor’s statements, netizens asked for the expulsion of the participant.

Netizens detonate Boninho

On twitter, a user complained about Big Boss. “This BBB flop and it’s the good guy’s fault, who doesn’t know how to analyze the profiles of those who are going to put there”. For the 2023 BBB, the internet user already has an idea. “You have to take a lot of f*did* people from life, level of desperation of Round 6 players, and let them kill themselves for the prize”, he joked.

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Another viewer asked Boninho to take some action and not let the reality show die in the second week of the program. “This BBB has already flopped and we are just watching the funeral. Boninho does something!”, complained Thais. Full-fledged tweeter, the singer Mc Carol from Niterói promised to shake the house if invited to perform. “Boninho puts me to sing at the next party, man! Only I can resurrect the p*t*ry of these people, TRUST!!!”.

Edit flop continued

Without great emotions, the game of discord on Monday (24), also did not please netizens. Without a “no win” sign, the dynamic was a failure. Vyni received seven podiums from the cast, but the flop belongs to Linn da Quebrada, Jade Picon, Arthur Aguiar and Naiara Azevedo. The quartet received no podium nominations, Lina was upset and even cried with Jessilane.

This Tuesday (25), with the elimination of one of the walled up, it is expected that the game really starts with the “fire in the playground”. Who leaves? Naiara Azevedo, Natália Deodato and Luciano Estevam are on the first wall of BBB22. Whoever inaugurates the black-and-white in the mosaic of the cast will have stayed only eight days inside the most watched house in Brazil.

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