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On the night of elimination at BBB22, Luciano was the first eliminated from the most watched house in Brazil. Then the spirits of the participants were at the height of the skin. It didn’t take long for them to start creating theories about the presenter’s speech, which often gives clues about the behavior of people in the cast. As they talked in the Lollipop Room, Rodrigo and Bárbara started a fight that reverberated in a climate in the house.

It all started with the sister talking about finding balance in the game. “I think there has to be balance.” But Rodrigo disagrees, she counters. “Won’t find balance? So why did you go to make Maria and Natalia make up? We can argue, fight, we can be light too […] Either you get paranoid again or you get…” said Barbara.

Annoyed, Rodrigo cuts off what the sister would say. “Call me paranoid again. Call me paranoid. Don’t you think I’m paranoid?” provoked him. “That’s all I see you saying here: That I’m paranoid, that I live with my paranoia, that I’m won over all the time. ‘Be light Rodrigo’, that’s all I hear”, added.

“All the time I’m paranoid, noiado”, he said in disgust and left the room. Barbara murmured: “How many times have I told him: I’m only talking because I like you”. After the paulista left the room, the model defended herself by venting to the sisters. “What he did to Maria here was the same thing he did to me when Natália gave me the bomb: He made her talk to me, and she didn’t want to talk to me. It’s that thing, let things happen, let the feelings be digested”, she pointed out.

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The sister also questioned the fact that many people in the house are living pretending to like each other so they don’t have problems with the public. “And here comes what Tadeu said: Is it normal to like everyone, to be nice to everyone? Even more worth 1 million and a half. So that’s what I wanted to say, except I didn’t want to be rude to him like he was to me.” said still.

“It’s very complicated, here we don’t have any p*rr* vision, no”, reflected Mary. The blonde pondered: “I’ll tell him: ‘I won’t call you paranoid anymore, you won’t hear those words anymore.’ Now I’m going to say what I didn’t say so I don’t attack him again. Does he think I’m a muggle that I don’t understand that?”, said the sister, and then went to the outside area of ​​the house to talk to the commercial manager.

Rodrigo and Barbara talk after the beef

After the fight, the two went outside the BBB22 house and managed to understand each other. The two tried to get it right. “Sometimes when I say ‘relax’ it’s like, for you to spare yourself too”, explained the sister. “Every time I said it, it was because I was worried about you, because I don’t want to see you look bad here, you know? But that’s my perception.” highlighted the blonde, stating that she does not want to take the boy’s foot. “From the first time I arrived I felt that you were different, strong woman…”, praised the brother. They made up, but gossip ran wild with other participants.

Throughout the DR, Bárbara said that she feels Rodrigo is always on the defensive. When I say ‘relax’, I don’t mean to stop playing. You got defensive with me… you were disappointed in me for the way I was talking… I don’t want to see you bad”, she said further. Then he gave his version.

“I liked you right away. But the jokes started to grow, every time someone came to ‘take it easy’… who did I start trying to look for? A target. It is very difficult a player without a target. I arrived crazy to play and that’s why I was out of place. I started to feel lost…” completed. Reflecting on Luciano’s elimination, Rodrigo highlighted that “the game is not about love”.


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