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Big Brother Brasil is a platform with a very large exposure. This is nothing new for anyone, and the exposure that the attraction brings to its participants makes them do crazy things before entering the most guarded house in the country.

It was no different with one of the highlights of this edition, the 36-year-old businessman Rodrigo Mussi. The boy, who entered the house in the anonymous group, the famous ‘popcorn’ group, surrendered to facial harmonization before joining the cast of the 22nd edition of the program.

The aesthetic treatment combines filling techniques to provide more balance between volume, shape and angle of all parts of the face. And it was carried out by popcorn in 2020. Responsible for the new face of the entrepreneur was dental surgeon Mariana Laranja, from Vila Velha, Espírito Santo. the popcorn underwent a procedure with hyaluronic acid and the technique made the projection of Rodrigo’s chin. “My chin turned out better than I imagined”, said he, who at the time was dating Carol Marchezi, a capixaba who has already had a relationship with former BBB Bil Araújo and has a son with countryman Felipe Araújo.

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Paulo André kisses Linn after the singer’s attack

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With spicy revelations, the dancer Lucian surprised his confinement colleagues by admitting that he would stay with Linn da Quebrada, Paulo André and Maria. Amidst the mess, Linn da Quebrada complemented Luciano’s lines: “Imagine if all these people get together here, what’s not a hot thing, people?”.

And it didn’t stop there: Linn also revealed to be lazy at the time of sex and always ends up opting for the roast chicken position. At a given moment, Paulo Andre enters the room and looks for a bed to sleep, and Linn, who was already hugging Luciano, invites the athlete to sleep with her: “Do it like this, Luciano sleeps there and you sleep here with me”.

Sister Natalia offers the athlete her bed, but Linn interrupts her colleague’s invitation and insists: “No, no, no! Luciano sleeps there and Paulo sleeps here with me”, joked the sister in a relaxed atmosphere. Although the athlete did not accept the invitation, Linn received a kiss good night.

Rodrigo Mussi before facial harmonization

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