Biden threatens to impose personal sanctions on Putin if Russia invades Ukraine | World

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The Russian government responded this Wednesday (26) and stated that any move against Putin would be politically destructive, but not painful.. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said US politicians who talk about possible personal sanctions against the Russian president do not have enough expert knowledge on the matter.

The rare personal threat comes amid escalating tensions in Eastern Europe, with the nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) deploying troops, ships and fighter jets in the region, in response to Russian troop build-up and military exercises near its border with Ukraine.

Find out in the video below why Russia can invade the Ukraine:

Why can Russia invade Ukraine?  Understand in 3 points

Why can Russia invade Ukraine? Understand in 3 points

THE Russia insists that it does not plan to invade the Ukraine and says that the crisis in the region is being driven by actions by the nato and two USA. Putin sees the former Soviet republic as essential in the geopolitics of the region and a “buffer” between Russia and the NATO countries – and therefore demands that the political-military bloc guarantee that Ukraine will never be part of the group.

NATO is a political-military alliance of USA It’s from Canada with European countries that was founded in 1949, during the Cold War, to inhibit the advance of Soviet Union in Europe and to mutually protect the member countries (by the treaty, if one member is attacked, the others are obliged to react).

With the end of the Soviet Union and the collapse of the Soviet bloc, NATO began to expand towards Eastern Europe, almost doubling in size (the organization currently has almost 30 member states).

Countries that were part of Soviet Union, such as Estonia, a latvia and the Lithuania, or Russia’s former allies in the Warsaw Pact, such as Poland, are now under the influence of NATO — which Russia does not accept and considers a threat.

You USA and European countries say they cannot accept the demand to prevent a country from wanting to enter the nato, do not believe the Russian version that it will not invade Russia and threaten severe economic sanctions if that happens.

(Another) invasion of Ukraine

The Russian government not only wants NATO to stop expanding its area of ​​influence to countries like Belarus and Ukraine, but also wants the political-military alliance to retreat and move away from Eastern European countries, demanding the withdrawal of troops from the bloc of nations. such as Romania and Bulgaria (which are part not only of NATO, but also of the European Union).

Russia has already invaded Ukraine as recently as 2014 and annexed the Crimea region. At the time, protesters overthrew the then Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, who had given up on signing a free trade treaty with the European Union and preferred to strengthen trade relations with the Russia.

The decision gave rise to mass protests that resulted in Yanukovich’s dismissal, who fled to Russia. The Russians then reacted and invaded Crimea, under protest from the US, the European Union and NATO, and they continue to control the region to this day.

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