Botafogo: Rafael has a total rupture in the Achilles tendon and will undergo surgery

bad news in Botafogo. Right-back Rafael, who was injured at the end of the first half of the 1-1 draw with Boavista, in his debut in the Campeonato Carioca, underwent tests and will need to be operated on.

There was a total rupture in the left calcaneus tendon (or Achilles tendon), according to the club. Botafogo did not provide a recovery period, but injuries of this type usually take at least six months to fully repair.

Botafogo informs that, after performing imaging tests on Tuesday night (25th) and Wednesday morning (26th), a total rupture was found in the athlete Rafael’s left calcaneal tendon. The player will undergo surgery to then start treatment in the DM”, reported Botafogo.

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