Caixa’s real estate financing will become more expensive; check new values

THE Savings Bank is informing the real estate agents that your interest rate on credit with savings resources (SBPE) to finance the purchase of real estate will increase next month.

The reduced rate charged to customers who maintain a relationship with Caixa, the largest real estate lender in Brazil, will rise from the current 8.3% per year to 8.7% per year, with an increase in the Referential Rate, from the first day of February, according to publicity material revealed by Reuters. Nothing changes for the over-the-counter rate, which remains at 8.99% pa

From this increase, the bank begins to practice an interest rate closer to that offered by private sector competitors. The rate offered by Santander Brasil starts at 9.99% per annum, compared to 9.5% for Bradesco and 9.1% for Itaú Unibanco, all with an increase in the TR.

The change took effect days after Caixa President Pedro Guimarães predicted a 10% increase in real estate lending this year, in an interview with Reuters, saying it has lower interest rates than most of competitors.

Caixa said in a note that there will be “adequacy in the conditions for the application of reducers… depending on the customer’s relationship with the bank” and that “it will continue to have the best interest rates on the market”.

Caixa launches credit line for fishermen

Caixa launched a new line of credit focused on artisanal fishermen who fall under the Pronaf (National Program for the Strengthening of Family Agriculture).

The bank prepared two modalities within the new financing. At costing lineinterested parties can hire up to R$250,000 and the money can be used to finance expenses arising from the capture of fish and the conservation of vessels and equipment.

already in investment linefishermen will be able to finance up to R$200,000 for the purchase and renovation of machinery and equipment, as well as for the construction, expansion and improvement of structures for their work.

The line’s interest rate will start at 3% per year and the loan repayment term is 12 months for the fishing activity costing modality and up to 120 months for the investment modality.

Caixa explained that for both modalities, the credit can be requested by fishermen who work as an individual or legal entity and who hold the Declaration of Aptitude (DAP) to the National Program for Strengthening Family Agriculture or registered in the National Registry of Family Agriculture ( CAF).

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