City in the US wants to institute requirements and fees for gun acquisition

THE City Council of San Jose, California, in the United States, voted this Tuesday night to adopt a requirement that requires most gun owners to pay a fee and have liability insurance, reports CNN.

The City of Silicon Valley therefore wants to reduce the risk of gun crime by encouraging safer behavior and relieving taxpayers of the financial burden of gun violence.

The vote was carried out in two parts: the first that approved most of the bill, including insurance, and the second that approved what is related to fees. The insurance vote went 10-1, while the rates vote went 8-3.

The ordinance should be approved next month and should enter into force in August. “Certainly the Second Amendment protects every citizen’s right to own a gun. It does not require taxpayers to subsidize that right,” Democratic House Speaker Sam Liccardo said at a press conference Monday.

Only 52% of Americans surveyed at the end of 2021 said that “laws covering firearm sales” should be stricter, the lowest number on the issue since 2014. weaker views on firearms and higher rates of gun deaths, including homicides, suicides and accidental deaths, says a recent study.

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