City of SP has the highest Covid transmission rate since the beginning of the pandemic | São Paulo

The transmission rate of Covid-19 in the city of São Paulo has never been so high, according to researchers from the University of São Paulo (USP) and Unesp. According to scientists, this Wednesday (26) the rate is at 1.79, which means that every 100 infected people transmit the virus to another 179.

The previous peak had been in March 2021, in the second wave of Covid, when this index reached 1.70.

According to the researchers, the current number is accelerating, and the forecast is that on January 31 the transmission rate will reach 1.86.

Symbolized by RT, the “rate of contagion” is a number that translates the potential for a disease to spread: when it is greater than 1, each infected person transmits the disease to more than one person and the disease progresses. When it’s smaller, it backs off.


This high reflects the occupation of public hospitals in the city that are a reference in the disease. At Hospital da Brasilândia, in the North Zone of the capital, ICU occupancy is 86% and in the ward, 86%.

At Guarapiranga Hospital, in the South Zone, the ICU has 76% occupancy, with 144 patients, and the ward has 68% occupied beds, with 47 patients.

In private hospitals, the situation is also worrying. The occupancy rate of 80% of them is around 40%.

The city of São Paulo received on Monday (24) 350,000 rapid tests for Covid-19. The Prefecture believes that the current stock is sufficient to serve the population for another 30 days. The demand for tests has been high at health posts and private clinics in the capital for weeks.

The City Hall reported that a new auction will be opened for the purchase of another 1 million tests in the coming weeks, according to the executive secretary of Primary Care, Specialties and Health Surveillance in the capital, Sandra Sabino.

“In the face of the omnipresent in the world, the number of cases, in all countries, the demand for tests has been very high, so the laboratories have not been able to deliver orders from states and countries.”

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