Commentator disagrees with Enderson and praises Botafogo’s careful planning: ‘Not having a team assembled now is positive’

Commentator Irlan Simões, from SporTV, disagreed with coach Enderson Moreira’s dissatisfaction with the slow planning of signings for the Botafogo due to the transition to the SAF model and the arrival of investor John Textor. For him, this is a sign that Glorioso is working with the necessary caution.

– The coach is part of the club’s staff and can align himself with this communication in this process, which is very complex and will require a lot of patience and understanding from the fan. Not having a team assembled now is positive, it is an indication that Botafogo is planning very carefully the process of transformation into SAF – opined Irlan.

At the press conference after the 1-1 draw with Boavista, Enderson said he doesn’t see the Campeonato Carioca as pre-season and admitted that he needs to strengthen the group to fight for the title. The SporTV commentator also disagreed and minimized the importance of the State.

– I doubt that 90% of Botafogo fans really think that Campeonato Carioca is a priority, that they need to win because it would be an indication that the SAF will succeed. Carioca is the pre-season that Botafogo can have with a lot of patience to know what to do next – said Irlan Simões in “Redação SporTV”.

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