Contagion speed in the Rio Preto region breaks record and is the highest in SP

The transmission rate of the coronavirus in the Rio Preto region is at 1.88, according to a survey by the SP Covid-19 Info Tracker platform, from USP and Unesp. The index is currently the highest in the state and the highest in the region since the beginning of the pandemic. It means that every 100 people infected by the disease transmit the virus to another 188 people, increasing the number of people infected at great speed. The Municipal Health Department and virology experts point out that the forecast is for a drop in cases in two weeks.

Ulysses Strogoff de Matos, an infectious disease specialist at the Special Unit for Infectious Diseases at the Hospital das Clínicas de Ribeirão Preto, says that the high transmission of the Ômicron variant was already alerted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

“Brazil did not take the warning seriously. He disdained viruses and even collaborated in their expansion. The president of the republic even said that Ômicron was welcome and that the vaccination of children was delayed. The alert was not made and the result is not surprising for those who research”, says the infectologist.

Ulysses said that another factor that contributed to the high transmission rate was the attitude of questioning the effectiveness of vaccines, which may have influenced adherence to the immunization process.

For the manager of the Epidemiological Surveillance of Rio Preto, Andreia Negri, the city’s transmission rate reproduces what happens in the rest of the country at the current moment of the pandemic. “Brazil is experiencing an accelerated increase in transmission. Until the last bulletin, we were speeding through the city. In the next bulletin, we will assess whether this will continue. Which is to say that we are at a peak, entering a plateau”, says the manager.

In the last bulletin, released on Thursday, 20, Rio Preto confirmed 7,494 cases. In the previous release, on the 13th, 4,451 positives had been confirmed. In December, on the 23rd, 68 cases were confirmed.

According to Andreia, the history of epidemics shows that any disease that has an exponential increase in cases quickly, the fall also happens quickly, as was recorded in other countries in relation to the wave caused by Ômicron.

The researcher and deputy director of postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine of Rio Preto (Famerp), Mauricio Lacerda Nogueira, also believes that the number of positive cases will drop in the coming weeks. “I think we are close to the peak. It should start to fall off in a week or two. Hospitalizations should start to fall in three or four weeks”, calculates the researcher.

Even with the likely drop in cases from the second half of February, infectologist Matos says that encouraging the use of more powerful masks and vaccination are the safest ways to contain the spread of the disease faster.

Brazil index is high

The transmission rate of the coronavirus in Brazil is at 1.78, according to Imperial College London. It is the highest in the country since July 2020. Last week, the index stood at 1.35.

Symbolized by Rt, the “rate of contagion” is a number that translates the potential for a disease to spread: when it is greater than 1, each infected person transmits the disease. disease to more than one person and the disease progresses. When it’s smaller, it backs off.

Brazil recorded, in the last 24 hours, 487 deaths caused by Covid-19, according to data from the National Council of Health Secretaries (Conass). With the records, the country accumulates 623,843 lives lost to the disease.

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