Corinthians coach explains improvisations in attack and guarantees new chances for Mantuan

Corinthians debuted in the 2022 season with a goalless draw against Ferroviária. In the first match of the year, Timão needed an improvisation in attack. Without Jô, Sylvinho opted for the young Gustavo Mantuan.

Without a striker to replace Jô, Sylvinho ended up opting for the young striker but, at the end of the match, he explained the decision and highlighted that the position can also be occupied by other athletes who are not strikers of origin.

“Mantuan is a striker. He is not a reference, but even when he leaves, if we analyze it, he is an athlete that we like and encourage. He is an athlete that will have his opportunities, but he is a forward with mobility and movement. He’s not a reference athlete, the others aren’t either”, he said.

“Róger Guedes, when he took over, had a certain exchange of positioning between him and Mantuan and freedom between them. Róger is also not a reference. He is an athlete who attacks well, sometimes in depth. Inside the area, he has a good definition. He has a long-distance kick, in short, he is an athlete who sees a lot of goals, knows how to score, but he is also not a reference”, added Sylvinho.

The coach also valued Paulinho’s good arrivals in the area. The midfielder, who entered the field in the 15th minute of the second half, won six submissions until the end of the match, all of them at risk for the opponent.

“When we don’t have a single striker who is a reference in the area, which is Jô, we look for alternatives and the team gains mobility, sometimes it loses in there, but always respecting the quality of this athlete. Paulinho ended up, too, entering the area a lot because of his characteristic. I believe you can play and create movements and have a good performance and goals”, he said.

“Clearly, their growth is enough and we improve our positioning, the instructions that we are going to pass on to the athletes, because the important thing, that’s why I use the word attacker, is for you to occupy the position. Isn’t Mantuan? Róger. Isn’t Roger? Is Paulinho there. Isn’t Paulinho there? Is Renato. Isn’t Renato? Is Willian there. Isn’t Willian? Is there the GP. Isn’t the GP there? Is Gustavo. are strikers and most of those names I mentioned know how to score goals. This can give us good results in the near future”, added Sylvinho.

Even without having achieved a major highlight in this Tuesday’s match, Sylvinho assured that Mantuan will continue to have opportunities within the team. The coach recalled that, when he arrived at Timão, the player was recovering from an injury, but that he still stood out during the transition period.

“Mantuan is an athlete that we took care of a lot last year. When we arrived, he was transitioning into training after a cruciate injury. We took great care of him in the transition phase, but he called my attention for his technical, physical, mobility and good definition. We understand that the beginning of this year is important for him and he will have other opportunities, we trust the athlete”, he concluded.

Corinthians returns to the field next Sunday. The Parque São Jorge team visits Santo André, at the Bruno José Daniel Stadium, in ABC Paulista. Departure is scheduled for 18:30.

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